Fake ‘Fancy’ — Affordable Home Upgrades That’ll Make Even Your Closest Friends Jealous

No matter the origin or first use of the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses,” the meaning of it has remained the same over time: spending beyond one’s means in an attempt to financially and socially keep up with one’s neighbors or social circle. When striving to keep up with the Joneses, people intentionally act in ways that match or surpass the actions of the people around them and buy the same material possessions or better ones compared to others. People make these attempts to appear equally or more successful and superior to others in the neighborhood or social setting.

Research and conclusions from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies reveal that overall, American residents spent an estimated $296 billion on home remodeling in 2016. Researchers expected this figure to reach $316 billion the next year.

A person doesn’t have to break the bank or play catch-up to their neighbors for attention. By consulting the right professionals, homeowners can purchase reasonably priced furniture and decorative items and make affordable upgrades that look expensive enough to make even their closest friends jealous.

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It doesn’t take an expensive indoor pool or hot tub or personal basketball court to make a house fancy. Homeowners who want such luxuries, though, don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get them. People who can handle do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can create home saunas, libraries, indoor bars, or outdoor kitchens for hundreds of dollars rather than thousands, as the construction costs of such amenities typically drives up the prices.

Simple adjustments like upgrading the light fixtures, redecorating the rooms with new furniture, and painting over old walls can look extravagant if you complete them using reliable products from reputable furniture and home improvement stores. Updating the lighting throughout a home can brighten it up and give it an appearance worth millions of dollars. Using the advanced and efficient technology-based smarthome lighting options offered by Newegg, a top online electronics retailer, homeowners can freshen up each room and modernize their homes. Newegg is a web-based technology retailer that provides its customers with a vast selection of smart home, entertainment, electronic, and gaming products.

People who want a home theatre, in addition to smart lighting don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on constructing one. They could browse Newegg for TVs, speakers, and home theatre accessories. Noted for the excellent customer service it provides, this company allows homeowners to meet all of their smart home automation and technological needs and stay light years ahead of their neighbors.

To make lighting enhancements more effective, homeowners should invest in new light fixtures. Shopping with a reputable designer furniture and home decoration company such as Groms gives people access to beautiful furniture pieces that can transform their homes into the most expensive-looking places on their block. Groms, a luxury furniture retailer with multiple locations throughout New York, can suit the needs and styles of all homeowners and residents.

Affordable Home Upgrades2

Furniture from Groms’ Uptown Collection brings a modern touch to formal living, pieces in the Downtown Collection give a midcentury influence to urban style, and the Hamptons Collection furnishings provide a coastal and casual flair. Choosing flush mounts and wall sconces for entryways, small spaces, or rooms with low ceilings can give these areas a fancy touch. People can create an opulent atmosphere with crystal chandeliers in the dining rooms and silver chandeliers in the kitchen or living rooms. Homeowners should invest in tables, chairs, couches, and more to match the lighting fixtures.

Neutral colors can freshen up a room and bring out its best qualities. Painting the walls neutral colors and furnishing rooms with nude-hued pieces can make them appear trendy and aesthetic.

Without spending too much money, homeowners can create safe, aesthetic, functional spaces that can keep their neighbors and friends talking.

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