Factors To Consider When Choosing A Private Charter Flight In Australia


Choosing A Private Charter Flight In Australia

The Australian aviation industry has gone through a tremendous change, given the paradigm shift from using regular commercial airlines to hiring private jet charters. Many top executives and affluent Australians prefer this recent flight system, given the luxury and comfort it offers.

Private jet hire in Australia is fast becoming the trend in the airline business. As much as charters are more beneficial than regular air travel, choosing the right jet charter depends on a number of factors.

If you intend to hire a private jet charter any time soon, keep reading to discover the factors you should consider before choosing one.

The Australian Aviation Landscape

It’s a well-known fact: Australia has a pretty vast landmass. This makes much of the population use air travel more. However, given how expensive private jet charters can be, many folks still fly with regular commercial airlines.

The private jet flight system is part of the entire aviation industry that generates billions of dollars, and this is a result of the fact that businesses, companies, and affluent folks are now seeing the benefits it offers.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Private Charter Flight

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right private jet charter depends on a number of factors, and they include:


This is the first factor to consider. Check whether the private jet charter complies with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety) regulations. The Australian government set up this body to ensure all Australian aviation activities are safe.

Type of Aircraft &  Aircraft Amenities

Know the aircraft type and specific amenities you’ll need before hiring a private jet charter. Aircraft in the terminals of charter companies include: 

The Turboprop Jet

Turboprop aircraft are fast because of their turbine engines. They take 8 passengers and are fitting for short travel durations.

The Entry-level Jets

Entry-level jets can hold 8 passengers and are more comfortable than the turboprop jet. They are okay for short travel durations and offer great amenities such as nice entertainment systems, luxurious cabins, etc.

The Mid-range Jets

As the name suggests, mid-size jets are larger than light jets. They hold up to 12 passengers. If you would be traveling with some friends or business partners, mid-size jets are great.

Heavy Jets

Of all the jets private charters have in their terminals, heavy jets are the biggest. They have space enough to hold up to 19 passengers. If you intend to travel to pretty distant locations with a dozen friends or business partners, heavy jets are a suitable alternative.

Cost & Pricing Models

Of course, private jet hires can be quite expensive, given the seamless air travel schedule and quality in-flight service. However, there are other models that private jet charters typically use to determine pricing.

Here they are: 

Charge Per Hour

Typically, private jet charters charge their passengers for every hour spent during air travel. This pricing model is quite common.

Empty Leg Flights

It’s also typical of charters to have scheduled flights with no paying passengers on board. Such flights are also sold at a discount, making people who board them spend less. However, these random, scheduled flights may not be in sync with your travel schedule.

Fixed Rate

Just like many other service-based businesses, private jet charters also have a specific amount they charge for every flight. 

Routes & Accessibility

Regular commercial airlines don’t reach hidden and remote locations. This is one of their major drawbacks. However, private jet charters offer a hyper-personalized flight service, which means they reach such locations.

This is exactly what many business owners and affluent folks want.

Scheduling Flexibility

Commercial airlines have rigid schedules and routes. But by hiring a private jet charter, you can choose your departure and arrival time, make last-minute destination changes, avoid long security lines and crowded airports, and combine many destinations in just one trip.

Reputation & Customer Reviews

Luckily, the internet has made it quite easy for you to browse through reviews of customers who used private jet charters. Before hiring one, be sure you go through them. Before selecting a charter, look at the past performance of several of them.

Environmental Impact

As much as private jet charters offer far more convenience than regular airlines, their aircraft release greenhouse gases that pollute the atmosphere.

When hiring a private jet charter, go for one with eco-friendly aircraft.

Customizations & Other Additional Services

Charters offer personalized in-flight service. Thus, before any passenger boards any of their flight, they specify the amenities they want present and any other additional services they require.

Comparing Charter Companies

For your safety and comfort, ensure you compare the pricing, flight service, and customer testimonials of many charters before deciding which to go for.

Legality & Insurance

You must also ensure you stay secure on the legal front. Be sure you have a document of the charter agreement, passenger liability, and other legal situations. It’s in your best interest to ensure the private charter you’d be flying with has passenger insurance.

This keeps you safe if an accident occurs.


Yes, private jet charters are quite expensive, but they offer so much luxury and convenience that commercial airlines don’t. This is a huge benefit to Australian businesses and high-level folks who rely on regular air travel for many important reasons.

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