Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Property Solicitor


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The legal and property transaction process is a complicated one. Before you hire a solicitor, you need to consider the following.

Property Solicitors vs Regular Solicitors

A property solicitor in Blacktown can help you with any legal issues you have regarding buying or selling a house, including informing you of your rights and responsibilities as a buyer or seller, negotiating on your behalf and preparing the paperwork needed for the transaction to go through.

Property solicitors are more expensive than routine solicitors because they have additional training (and therefore experience) in this area of law. However, it’s worth paying extra to ensure that someone with expert knowledge handles any tricky situations that may arise during your purchase or sale – especially if you’re buying/selling an older home which may require more complicated paperwork.

How to Find a Good Property Solicitor?

First, You need to check their credentials. You should ask them to show you their qualifications, membership in professional bodies and any professional awards they may have won. If they don’t have these things, it may mean that they aren’t up-to-date with current legislation and standards within the industry or worse still, that they’re not qualified at all.

Looking at reviews from previous clients will give you an idea of how well respected this solicitor is in his field (and whether he has any bad habits). You can find reviews on websites such as Google My Business or Trustpilot. Alternatively, ask friends who’ve used solicitors before if theirs were any good.

Moreover, many solicitors will charge by how much work needs doing rather than by time spent working so make sure there are no hidden costs involved before signing anything.

Make Sure They Have the Necessary Qualifications

Before you hire a solicitor, it’s important to check that they have the necessary qualifications. Are they a member of the Law Society? This is an organization that regulates solicitors and makes sure they follow ethical standards. If your solicitor isn’t a member, then they might not be as trustworthy as someone who is.

Another question to consider is whether have they completed any courses or qualifications. Some courses can help people improve their skills in certain areas–for example, if you want someone who knows how to handle divorce cases or property transactions well (or both). You may also want to look for specific qualifications such as those offered by the National Association of Residential Property Lawyers (NARPL) or Property Bar Association (PBA).

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Check for their Experience

To ensure that you are hiring a solicitor who is familiar with your area of law, ask them how long they have been practising law and how many cases they have handled. Also, find out how many of those cases were successful. If a solicitor has only handled one or two cases in their entire career and none of them has been successful, this may not be the right person for you.

Is the Lawyer’s Office Located in a Convenient Location?

The location of the solicitor’s office is an important consideration. It should be convenient for you so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time travelling there and back. If your solicitor has offices in several locations around town, ask which one would give you the best service, or if they can arrange to meet with you at another location that is more convenient for both parties.

The parking facilities at your solicitor’s office may also be an issue if they are not adequate. If there isn’t enough parking space available onsite, consider whether it would be better to meet somewhere else where there are plenty of spaces available (such as a mall or restaurant). Another issue could arise if some people who work at the building park illegally on nearby streets; this could cause problems if these individuals were ticketed by police officers patrolling nearby areas during business hours because they couldn’t find any legal spaces themselves.

It’s important too that wherever lawyers practice their profession feels comfortable and inviting – even though most aren’t likely ever going anywhere else again once inside those walls. A lawyer needs enough room between desks so clients don’t feel cramped together when waiting for appointments; also remember that having good ventilation systems will help avoid stuffy air inside which can make anyone feel uncomfortable after a while.


It is important to hire a property solicitor because they can help you with legal issues related to your property. They are also experienced in dealing with all kinds of situations, so they will be able to give you good advice on how best to proceed. You should choose wisely when looking for someone who will represent your interests in court or outsource work such as conveyancing

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