Factors That Causes Pest Infestation in Your Home


Pest Infestation in your Home

Pests infestation is one of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner, and this problem can either be a short term one or a long term one, depending on the kind of pest. The home is a comfortable dwelling place for humans, and unfortunately, it can also be a suitable dwelling place for pests, too, if you allow it.

Whenever you find a bug in your home, just know that there are more somewhere in your home. Sometimes, the activities of pests in your home can go unnoticed for a long while, and their discovery can come as a shock. For this reason, it is essential to know that certain factors cause pests infestation, and below are some of them:

Nearby Trees and Shrubs

Nearby Trees and Shrubs
Although trees play a significant role in your overall landscape and ecosystem support, it is important to know that they are also a major cause of pest infestation. As trees offer shed and greenery, they also provide shelter to all manner of crawling insects. When the tree branches breaks and their leaves touch your home, then these insects are given a perfect mode of transportation from the tree to your house. When this happens, you will need the urgent help of a pest control company like Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto | toppestkillers.ca

Siding Touching the Ground

The siding of your home touching the soil is enough reason for your home to experience pest infestation. The same way tree branches act like a bridge for the insects to get into the house; the siding also serves as a passage for insects from the ground to crawl up into the house. The siding also goes as far as to absorb moisture from the soil, thereby creating the perfect condition for insects like ants and termites.

Holes in the Foundation

The foundation is the part of the house that supports the whole building. Its job is to also keep the soil from affecting the house and to also keep insects and other organisms from getting into the house from the soil. A crack or hole in this part of the house can go as far as to make the whole house susceptible to pest infestation. These cracks allow air, moisture, and small insects to creep into the building little by little until a full-on infestation.

Damaged Gutter

Damaged Gutter
This is another factor that influences pest infestation. The gutter is an important part of the house meant to direct water off the roof. For this reason, it is usually moist most of the time. One of the things that support the habitation of insects in a particular place is moisture, and the gutter offers this. Clogged gutters are the worse case because the more the debris causing the blockade piles up, the more conducive it becomes for insects. If this continues without your interference, your house can experience severe insect infestation.

Moisture in the House

As mentioned above, moisture is an essential factor in insect infestation. When there is moisture at different corners of your house, it becomes vulnerable to pest infestation. This moisture can be caused by rainwater pooling at the foundation because it couldn’t flow away. The basement is usually the most affected part of the house. The downspout should be functioning correctly to avoid this.

Unclean Environment

An untidy environment is the most conducive environment for insects to thrive. You, as a homeowner, can avoid all the stress associated with pests infestation if you make your environment clean and tidy. This kind of environment usually inhibits the activities of insects and other pests. It is advisable to keep foodstuffs tidy, surfaces, and furniture clean. Places like the bathroom and laundry area should be kept clean and dry as it reduces the chances of insects breeding in the house.
Unclean Environment

Seasonal Changes

This is another crucial factor that causes pest infestation. As the season changes, these pests seek shelter from the harsh weather conditions. This is common among insects and rodents. According to observations, most houses experience pest activities the most when winter approaches because these animals tend to seek shelter away from the cold. When the house also offers a conducive environment for these pests to hide out, it could slowly turn into an infestation.

Finally, general cleanliness is one of the significant ways of discouraging the activities of pests in your home. When you notice even the littlest signs of these organisms in your home, it is advisable to seek urgent professional intervention.

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