Factors of Choosing Seed Trays


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The Size

Some trays can hold 70 cells, which means you can plant 70 seedlings in a tray, while some only have 6 cells. While you need to consider the number for your seedlings, the room of placing them and the variety of your plants.If you have a small greenhouse and free out enough to plant your seedlings, a large tray is a good choice. If you just want to place them in your window, then choose small trays considering the area.

Seed Trays Material And Structure

Seed starter trays are made of reusable thick plastic materials, or biodegradable materials but with short lifetime, such as peat. The two-type seed trays both have their features.

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Plastic Seedling Trays

If you are an enthusiastic gardeners and will use seed trays very season, the reusable plastic seed trays are more affordable and worth the price. The lifetime of seedling start trays depends on the thickness. However, it may be a little difficult to take seedlings out.

If you want to reuse plastic seed trays, please clean them and store them in wider room, prevent them be squashed.

Gardeners, especially organic growers, should select BPA-free plastic seed starting trays, let your soil safe and chemical-free.

Some plastic trays are very flimsy, can only be used in once or twice. They are operational as the thickness, you can take seedlings out without efforts. But you may also destroy them.

Biodegradable Trays

Biodegradable trays cost more, but they offer many benefits when it comes to the health of your seedlings and the environment. When your seedlings are ready to be transplanted outdoors in your garden, there is no need to remove them from pots. Simply place the whole pot with the plant in the soil. The pot will break down naturally over time and the roots will spread into the ground. This prevents any transplant shock, stem damage, and the root disturbance during the replanting stage. It also makes the entire process less messy and much quicker.

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Seed Trays Kit

Humidity dome

Some seed trays come with humidity dome. Transparent cover can help you control temperature and create a damp environment to generate seeds. There are also two-type humidity domes, solid, and adjustable vents. Transparent lid plays roles of humidity and warmth, allow you can see seedlings’ growth process clearly.

Base Trays

Ideal for use when propagating to catch the excess water that drains from seed trays. Also great for hydroponic use. You can fill the bottom with water and it is distributed to the right places, so the roots can absorb the water.

Seed Trays

The cell insert tray provides a simple, straightforward way to sow seeds and raise plants from cuttings. The drain hole at bottom of seed tray prevents overwatering.

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