Exploring Wood Flooring and Colours



There’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing new floors. Selecting the material is only the start, especially with wood flooring. You’ve then got to consider solid or engineered wood, the plank style, species, finish and the colour. All while keeping an eye on the cost.  


Despite being considered a more unique colour for flooring; whitewashed wood is a highly popular choice. People love it for its demanding appearance and ability to make a small space feel bigger. It’s inviting and creates a sense of cleanliness, enhancing the overall interest of any room.  

White flooring is perfect for a variety of décor styles and interior designs; whether modern, minimalistic, shabby chic or vintage. It brings character and charm to your home. This floor also complements a variety of colour palettes, making it easier to coordinate with furniture and decorative accents.  

Another advantage to white wood is that it can hide scratches and dust very well. 


With its contemporary allure and timeless versatility, grey wood flooring has surged in popularity. It blends modern sophistication with rustic charm, making it suitable for a variety of interior designs. Grey flooring adds depth and character to a space without overwhelming it too! 

If you choose a light grey, it creates a soft and airy feel, while a darker shade is perfect for a more dramatic aesthetic. Its neutral undertone makes it easy to pair with the colour scheme and décor style of your home, allowing you to express yourself without limitations.  


Think oak and maple, these light tones evoke a sense of warmth that brings outside into your home. With their natural beauty, light wood flooring creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere. These colours can also make your room feel more spacious, which makes them ideal for small areas and hallways.  

Perhaps the only drawback to light flooring is that dirt is more visible. However, as long as you keep a regular cleaning schedule, it shouldn’t be a problem! 


Medium wood means floors with a mid-tone. It’s for colours that are organic and natural with their colour being found amongst nature. Covering a variety of browns and even dipping into naturally reddish and orange undertones.  

With their balanced blend of light and dark hues, medium wood flooring creates the perfect harmony between warmth and depth. There’s a classic charm and timeless appeal that creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. 


If you’re after a sense of dramatic elegance and modern opulence, consider dark wood tones like mahogany and espresso. These wooden flooring colours create a bold statement and infuse your home with a touch of luxury as well as intimacy.  

Dark wood flooring pairs beautifully with light-coloured walls and furniture, creating a striking and contrasting interior that enhances visual interest. You can even add metallic accents and jewel-toned décor to elevate the grandeur appeal of your home.  

Exploring Wood Flooring and Colours 

When it comes to choosing wood flooring, there are a variety of colours and stains for you to select. Suiting every taste and style preference, you’ll be able to find the right fit for your space. Whether you’re after the timeless elegance of white, the contemporary chic of grey, the warmth of light wood, the classic charm of medium wood or the dramatic opulence of dark wood. Each colour brings its own unique character and ambiance to an interior.  

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