Explore the Greatest National Parks in a Luxury RV

When we think of the greatest national parks in the United States, most likely a few things come to mind. Hiking boots, jackets, bucket hats, challenging hikes and clear rivers. The most incredible part of exploring these fantastic national parks in a luxury RV is how much less stress and worry will be on your plate as soon as you park your RV and make that your homebase. 

Long days on the mountain or days full of gentle hikes through the most amazingly scenic areas in the country will all feel so much better knowing you have a Bowlus RV to go back to. The level of comfort, style and premium technology these luxury RV’s can bring to your adventure will make you wonder how you ever did without one. 

Not only that, but the fact that used Bowlus are hard to find is a pretty great indicator that once you start adventuring in one of these, you won’t want to stop. 

The Greatest National Parks

When it comes to filling your bucket list with the national parks that you have to see – it’s not hard at all to come up with a list. Amazing sites like Yosemite, YellowStone and the Rockies just scratch the surface of the incredible places that you can explore from the comfort of your luxury RV. 

Here are a couple of our stand out recommendations on where you should go exploring in your new luxury RV.

Yosemite National Park

California is one of the most beautiful states in the entire country with some of the best beaches for surfing and mountains for skiing and snowboarding all found in one state. Not only that but it’s also home to the giant redwood forests that are truly other worldly. In that state the most visited park on a yearly basis continues to be Yosemite.

With jaw dropping waterfalls and some of the most awe inspiring rock formations like El Capitan and the Half Dome, it’s hard to beat out Yosemite for sheer scale and wonder. Add to that sequoya forests and ample amounts of hiking, and you have an incredible adventure ahead of you. 

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Yellowstone National Park

Spanning three states, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho, this massive park is one of the true natural wonders of the United States. With literally millions of acres of adventure and exploring you can’t exhaust the vast diversity of what Yellowstone can offer you. Everything from the famous geyser, Old Faithful, to sprawling lakes, and intimidating mountain ranges, this park can keep you occupied for multiple trips! 

The Grand Canyon

If you’re wanting a place to explore with some of the most astounding views in the entire country, the Grand Canyon has to be on your bucket list. With guided tours and hiking available, this monumental natural landmark will be an incredible adventure from the comfort of your RV. 

What it Means to Explore in Luxury

When you head out in your Bowlus RV, the best part of your experience will be how prepared you are to adventure in both style and comfort. 

Timeless Design

Aesthetic matters. As much as you are going out for an adventure you are also heading out to see new and beautiful sites that you have never seen before. When you pull up to a national park with your Bowlus luxury RV, you’ll be complementing any terrain with our timeless, elegant and minimalist design. Coming back to your luxury RV after a day of exploring has never felt so right or so beautiful.

Power for the Adventure

With a state of the art power system, the Bowlus RV can keep your floors heated, and your lights on for up to two weeks with ease. Not only that but it is equipped with a convenient microcharge for all of our EV customers who may find they need extra push on when exploring new areas. A fully charged microcharge can get up to 16 extra miles on the highway when your looking for your next charging station! 

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Ample Room

With ample storage and living space, you and yours can travel in complete comfort. Sleeping up to four people in the highest quality comfort on wheels will have a huge impact on the quality of your adventure. 

Explore to Your Heart’s Content

When you hit the road in your bowlus luxury RV, remember that the adventure is in the unknown. Our premium build and high quality, hand crafted RVs will keep you adventuring for years to come and wondering how you ever once did without. 

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