Expert Bathroom Fitters Brighton Professional Opinions on Bathrooms

Whether you are building a new home or you are renovating an old one, there is no doubt that you want it to not only look good but also to be as functional as possible. There are many new design ideas that you can try out. Here are some of the latest designs that you can have a professional bathroom fitter Brighton specialist implement for you.

If you want something bold, go for darker colors when it comes to selecting a theme for the room. More specifically, a lot of people are opting to use black, particularly when it comes to the fixtures, such as the color of the vanities or the light fixtures used. Black fixtures are quickly replacing the use of grey fixtures that were the norm in the recent past.

Smart toilets are the new rage. It is possible to have a technologically advanced washroom. Some of the popular smart features that some people have installed include lid openers that automatically open when you want to use the toilet and toilet seat warmers. You can also have automatic sinks and smart showers that start themselves.

One of the ways to liven up the space is to use tiles that have different shapes. There are so many shapes, patterns, textures, and colors to choose from. You have the option of going for hexagon, diamond, or chevron patterns. These can be fitted not only on the floors, but also the walls and in some cases the ceilings, so as to achieve a bold look.

Compact storage spaces can be installed. This includes hidden cabinets, storage spaces under the vanity, and modern wall shelves. This will help to keep your space more organized and prevent a cluttered look, which can create a more relaxed environment and make the room feel more spacious.

People are opting for bigger washrooms, which have more space in general. When you have efficient storage spaces, it means that there will be more space to install expansive and open showers and also larger bathtubs. Sizable bathtubs provide more space where you can relax and unwind after a long hard day. In addition, bigger showers will provide you with more convenience as a result of more open space.

Create a luxury washroom by installing small appliances in the room. For instance, install an under the counter fridge installed or a beverage center. You can also have a vanity installed, which you can use to contain your medicines or beauty products. You can also have a TV or wireless music system put in place.
Expert Bathroom Fitters
Floating vanities are becoming more popular. There are so many beautiful options to choose from. They are seamless and can make your washroom feel more airy and open. It also makes it easier for you to clean the space under the vanity.

In addition, people are embracing the idea of using floating toilets. These are toilets that are mounted on the wall. This makes it easier to clean, as there are less spaces and nooks to worry about.

You can go for a floor to ceiling glass enclosure in the shower area. It creates a seamless look and makes the space feel more open. This look can work even when you are installing a single glass panel wall. It will make the room look quite modern and customized.

Decorate the washroom with marble art. Of course, this could cost a lot of money, so this look is not for everyone. Only go for this look if you are prepared to spend a fair amount on your design. But the good thing is that when it is finished, it will give the room an artistic appeal. You can achieve an elegant and dramatic look by creating simple designs that are straightforward.

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