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Exercise Safety in Summer Weather

As the sun starts warming up the city, most folks in Australia will partake in outdoor activities. Like who would forgo the chances of playing outdoor sports, spend some time at the beach as they soak up the sun, or even get in a pool to enjoy the beautiful weather. All this sounds exciting, but some dangers come with all this fun and warm weather. Get to know the essential safety tips to apply as you are out and about enjoying the summertime.

Essential Safety Tips

  • Ensure you are always hydrated

We all know the list of health benefits a bottle of water can offer your body; thus, staying hydrated is necessary, especially during hot weather. If you plan on engaging in outdoor activity, ensure you have at least two bottles of water with you. High temperatures make you sweat more; thus, you need to ensure that your body is getting adequate water supply. Replenish the water your loss when you sweat but don’t drink too much; over hydration could lead to hyponatremia; this is when there is low blood sodium.

Exercise safety in summer

  • Consider working out when the temperature drops.

Exercising outdoors during the warm weather is something most people look forward to, especially after being cooped up in the house during those long cold months. As much as you want to get out, there are a few safe ways you can exercise while enjoying the warm weather. Consider scheduling your workouts very early in the morning or late in the evening. The temperature is perfect and much cooler. You can safely get in your workout as you still enjoy your favourite weather.

  • Have light-coloured and lightweight clothing

Summer means getting out all your bright coloured shirts and dresses. Ever wondered why dark colours are not a trend in summer? It is because they quickly absorb heat. And lightweight clothes will let air circulate freely, keeping you cool through the day. Keep in mind, have your clothes lose in nice bright colours, which will help your body cool off efficiently.

Exercise safety in summer1

  • Have some sunscreen on

Whether it is summer or those long cold months, you always need to have some sunscreen when outside. During summer, the sun is hotter, which might burn your skin without adequate protection, and who wants to deal with sunburns. You should apply sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out, the product should be labelled broad-spectrum, has an SPF of at least 30, and if you will get into the water, a water-resistant sunscreen would be best. For adequate protection, ensure you reapply as you go through your day or each time you get out of the water.


As a parent, you should keep in mind these essential tips as children love spending prolonged times outdoors during summertime. Ensure their backpacks are equipped with sufficient water to last them through the day; they should also have some sunscreen on. Additionally, ensure they are aware of the importance of being hydrated throughout the day and reapplying their sunscreen.

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