Everything You Should Know About Proper Lawn and Garden Drainage

A little more than seventy percent of the world we dwell on is covered in one of the most important and abundant natural resources we have, water. The abundance of this life-giving resource comes into play in our daily lives especially in the care and maintenance of your lawn and gardens. 

Unfortunately, this liquid tends to have a mind of its own and it can be a bit tricky to keep your yard and foliage from being flooded whenever the water cycle makes its rotation. Too much of anything is bad and your gardens and landscaping can be easily soiled by a flash flood. 

Taking time to understand the signs that your yard is in desperate need of proper drainage and installing the right system for your lawn and garden is the perfect way to protect your landscaping and help it thrive!

Spot the signs 

First things first, how do you know if you need a drainage system in your yard? It can be a little tricky to pick up on a flooding hazard, but if you know the signs you can easily spot the areas of your landscaping that need a better drainage system.

Start with your home or any other buildings on the property. Look carefully at the foundations for any signs of water damage or stains. You want to ensure that water from rain or any irrigation systems does not pool around the base of your buildings and cause extensive damage. 

Next look for signs that water from irrigation systems or rainwater is not being absorbed into the ground correctly, and pooling in large puddles and soggy spots in the grass or soil. These puddles can cause a lot of damage to your lawn and garden beds if they are left alone, drowning your plants, creating mold, and causing ruts and uneven surfaces in the soil. 

Once you identify the need for a proper system it is time to get to work choosing and installing the right drainage structures for all your gardening and landscaping needs!


Build off your foundation 

One of the easiest first steps to solving drainage problems in your yard and garden is starting with what you already have. Between replacing soil, plants, and other existing factors that may be causing the buildup of water in your yard, there are a lot of pieces in play that can help you improve on your situation before bringing in the big guns. 

Take note of the soil composition of your yard. Certain types of soil including large amounts of clay or sand can cause major issues in drainage, so replacing or adding more absorbent soil top what you have will help the ground handle more water efficiently. 

Most often than not you already have a drainage system in your yard, though it may not be working correctly. Identify all drains, gutters, and downspouts on your property, and make sure that all of them are free of breaks and are clean. 

Working off what you already have going on in your yard is one of the best steps to assessing what drainage system you might need for the problem areas and cuts the cost and workload down in the long run. 

Decorative trench grates at Jonite can help you not only improve the drainage of the garden, but also contribute to the aesthetics. Many people do not pay as much attention to the overall look at feel of trench grates. While functionality is important, the trench grate should not look like an eyesore. This is why you can always go for the best decorative trench grates.

Splash zone

One of the most obvious areas of extra H2O is your pool. Having a nice in or above ground pool in your yard is a great addition to your property but can also be a huge contributor to excess water and drainage problems. Keeping the area around your pool dry and allowing the inevitable splash zone to drain properly is crucial to protecting the surrounding yard. 

To maintain the drainage system for your pool, keep an eye on pool drains, filters, decks, and surfaces surrounding your pool, and double check for leaks and damage. Keeping a close eye on these factors allows you to catch problems before they flood your yard and help keep the water in the pool.

Maintaining the structure and surrounding areas of your pool is another important factor to keeping your lawn and garden free from flooding and drainage disasters!

Hit the deck

If you spend a lot of time in your yard, you probably have some nice and high-quality decks and patios for furniture and lounging. These additions can be very pricey, and you want to keep them free from excess water and damage associated with the puddles. 

Install effective drainage pipes and gutters that allow water from irrigation systems or rain to flow downwards off the surface and into the appropriate place where it will be rerouted somewhere else or properly absorbed into the ground.

Having an effective drainage system for all your patios, decks, and other outdoor surfaces is crucial to maintaining your lawns and landscaping on your property and protecting it from flooding and water damage!


Dry Driveways 

One of the most expensive assets kept on your property apart from your home is your car, and any vehicle you own will come into contact with your driveway several times a day. Maintaining the structural and functional integrity of your driveway is especially important, especially when it comes to water. 

Water flows with gravity, and since most driveways have a slight incline you can use the natural shape to allow water to drain downwards into the street and gutters. If you have a flat driveway be sure to add drainage grates and mold the terrain to allow standing water to flow off the surface and into the proper areas. 

Having an efficient and functioning drainage system for your driveway ensures that the structural integrity will be protected and keep the area free from nasty stains and hazards. 

Get to work

Water is an essential part of life and maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscaping, built it is just as important to manage the drainage of running and standing water on your entire property to ensure your yard stays pristine and well kept. 

Installing a proper and functioning drainage system for your outdoor spaces, lawns, and gardens is the perfect way to keep everything looking maintained and flourishing!

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