Everything You Need to Throw the Perfect Springtime Bash

Spring is finally here and it’s time for everyone to come out of hibernation and start to socialize again. With warm weather fare like fresh fruit, lemonade, hamburgers, and more finally back on the menu, who can say no to a springtime party?

If you’re someone who loves hosting and loves to craft, too, then it’s time to bring your two passions together and throw the ultimate hands-on get together. What better way to ring in the new springtime season than with a fun party where everyone can get involved in an exciting craft?

Out of all the tips for hosting your own get together that you can find on the world wide web, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to throw a yarn-themed party where your guests will learn something, work together, and leave with something fun they’ve made themselves.

Pick a Craft Everyone Can Make

Pick something that’s easy and doesn’t take long to master. For instance, Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ is a unique “no-needles required” yarn which works up quickly and makes stylish scarves, cowls and blankets. To get ready for your party, you can stock up on Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ yarn that you’ll need to share with your guests.
Pick a Craft Everyone Can Make

A quick visit to your favourite online yarn retailer can get you everything you need. And as is the case with EZ knitting, you don’t need anything other than the yarn itself. You’ll be knitting with the unique pre-formed loops; and you don’t have to stick to a pattern, either. Once your guests have the basics down, they can make a scarf, cowl, blanket, or whatever their heart desires.

The Perfect Photo Moment

If you don’t get that gorgeous photo of everyone at the party, did it even happen? There’s such a vibrant online community of knitters and crocheters out there that you’d be amiss to forget to share a photo of your pretty decorations and your even prettier guests on social media.

As a way to connect to the online community of knit and crochet enthusiasts, why not engage in some hashtag use with your social media posts? You can build your own online network while also connecting with other yarn hashtag users. If you’re not a social media whiz, we’ve got you covered. Here are just two of the many popular knit and crochet hashtags that you can use to share photos of your special springtime bash.
The Perfect Photo Moment

  • #shareyourknits – While this hashtag originated from a yarn brand who wanted to see what folks were creating, it’s expanded to a popular hashtag for anyone who wants to show off their work.
  • #knittersofinstagram – How do you sift through the countless knitters on Instagram? By labelling yourself as a knitter of Instagram, of course! You can put yourself and your work among the all the creative, quirky, and inspirational knitting posts out there. You can even open yourself up to see what people all over the world are making while gathering inspiration for your next project.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

Since you and your guests are going to be working with your hands, pick a snack spread that won’t end up covering the yarn. Baked goods like ginger snaps, some chips and salsa, and a cheese board are all you really need to make sure everyone stays fed and fuelled as they knit away.

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