Everything You Need to Know About Roof Shingle Repair and Maintenance


Roof Shingle Repair

Home is where the heart is, as they say – but it is also where a lot of maintenance needs to happen.  Whether it is the walls, the foundation, the windows, or yes, the roof of your home, chances are that you will need to have it replaced or fixed at some point in your life.

For certain parts, though, you will need to be more vigilant than others.  One example of this is the roof of your house, depending on the material that the shingles are made out of (amongst other factors).  The main point here is that they can be quite delicate at times, and external factors can certainly cause some issues as well.

While we may not have to contend with many natural disasters here in Milwaukee, snow is definitely a concern as we approach winter.  It leaves a lot of us wondering how we will prepare, especially if we have already noticed that some shingles are starting to fall or look like they are cracked.  Today, we will explain what you can do to prep for the winter as far as your roof goes, at least.

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Why is it a Big Deal to Have Our Roofs Repaired or Maintained?

Understandably, this may be one of the first questions that you have.  You would probably like to get a better answer than just “because winter is coming and that means a lot of snow.”  Admittedly, that is not exactly the most satisfactory answer.

Snow is a problem, do not get us wrong.  It can be quite heavy (read about that on this page), which will put a strain on your roof.  If the shingles are not strong or have been decaying, it could even lead to a cave-in.  Obviously, that is a problem.

There is a bit more to the puzzle than that, though.  You see, our roofs are what keep the elements out of our homes, protecting us from rain and any other inclement weather.  All of our personal belongings depend on it staying strong and not leaking or caving in.  Naturally, it makes the maintenance and repair of this part of our property quite a big deal.

It just so happens that here in Milwaukee; we get a lot of precipitation in the winter.  So, it is even more critical to check in on the status of your shingles and roof overall to ensure that you will not have a much bigger problem to contend with as the season progresses.

Signs You Should Bring in a Professional

Despite what the internet might tell you, we cannot necessarily DIY ourselves through every project.  If there is one thing in your home that you are going to bring in a contractor for, then it should probably be your roof.  With that said, it is not always easy to figure out when we should do that.

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One: There are Water Leaks

We will start with the most obvious of them.  If you are starting to notice that water is leaking into your home, whether it is just in the attic or if it is spreading elsewhere, that is a pretty big red flag.  You will probably want to get it taken care of as soon as possible, otherwise, the leaks could get worse, and you could end up with some pretty serious property damage.

Remember – water can cause wood to rot out, so if there is any wood in the walls or foundation of your property, it could turn into a much bigger problem than you may expect.  Additionally, if left unchecked, mold could end up growing and you may even have to call in an extermination team if it gets serious enough.  Learn more about that here: https://yadda.icm.edu.pl/baztech/element/bwmeta1.element.baztech-9327235b-fa0d-4dca-a58a-d4ff5677900f.

Two: Your Gutters are Blocked

Shifting gears, we have got one of the more subtle danger signals.  At first glance, the gutters being clogged may not seem like the biggest deal.  After all, that is typically a job that we can complete on our own, however, it is not as simple as it seems, and you may need an expert to do this.

Depending on how badly they are clogged, it can lead to a myriad of other problems.  In fact, water leakage and general damage can be related to this issue, so if you notice those leaks, you may want to take a peek at your gutters.  Beyond just that though, the blockage and debris can also lead to a lot of pests making your roof their home.

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Damaged Shingles

Another warning sign that you may want to hire a roofer is if you notice that your shingles are damaged or falling off.  Sure, in small doses, this may not seem like the end of the world.  However, the more that falls off, the bigger of a problem it can cause.

For that reason, you will probably want to bring in the professionals as early as possible once you catch it.  That way, you can prevent something worse from happening down the line.

Is Hiring a Professional Worth it?

One of the biggest things that prevents a lot of folks from hiring a roofer or a contractor for these things is that there is a cost involved.  To some, it can seem quite steep.  It raises a pretty serious question: Is hiring one actually worth our time and money?

Based on the rest of today’s article, you can probably already guess that our answer is “yes,” but we would like to explain why this is the case.  The thing is, trying to work on our roofs on our own is quite dangerous.  There is a lot of risk involved.

For one thing, you could end up falling and seriously injuring yourself.  That is probably the primary concern for anyone who is untrained in roofing.  That alone should be enough to convince you to stay away, but that is not the only thing we would like to highlight.

There is also the fact that you could end up actually making the problem worse.  While most of us would go in with good intentions, if we are not trained in this sort of thing, we can unintentionally end up causing worse issues or damaging the structure further.  Even if we are careful, it is a risk.

What else should we take into account?  Well, as winter approaches, it is probably a good idea to have your home and roof inspected anyway.  Damage is not always going to be immediately apparent.  Sometimes, it can lurk beneath the surface to an untrained eye.  A contractor would be able to catch it, though, and resolve the problem before it becomes a bigger one.

Do not risk your home this cold season.  Although it can be tempting to push this sort of thing aside and say, “oh, we can worry about this next year,” that is generally not advisable.  There is always a chance of a catastrophe occurring, unfortunately.

So, if you have been on the fence about bringing in a roofer, hopefully, we have explained to you why it may be a good idea to do so.  Really, even just having an annual inspection can help to resolve many of the troubles that you could end up encountering.  Just some food for thought, of course.

Most roofers will be able to give you an estimate or quote of how much you would be paying if that helps to set your mind at ease as well.

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