Everything You Need To Know About Modern Design Lamps


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Every modern home needs light. It enables you to see when moving around the property and helps you avoid accidents. However, there is much more to light than simply a central lightbulb in each room. Modern design lamps look stylish, add dedicated lighting to key areas of your home, and can help create the perfect ambiance. Choosing the right lamp is not a decision to be taken lightly. So, are you looking for the perfect designer lamps to light up your space? Check out Lampcommerce’s wide selection of unique and modern lighting fixturesYou are sure to find something to meet all requirements. The right lamp design makes a substantial difference to the look and feel of your home. It’s time to discover the most important facts about modern design lamps.

Some companies lead the field

There are plenty of businesses offering modern lamps. However, if you want one that is carefully researched and created, using the latest tech, innovative materials, and combines function and form perfectly, you need to choose one created by Atremide, Flos, FontanaArte, or Luceplan.

These are the four modern lamp designers who lead the industry and have created some of the most iconic designs in recent years. They are all considered to be at the forefront of modern lamp research and development.


This Italian company was founded in 1960. Today it’s recognized as one of the most prominent lighting manufacturers in the world. Today, it has 24 subsidiaries and 55 branded showrooms across the globe.

Perhaps one of its most famous lamps is the Tizio desk lamp, along with the Tolomeo. Both are recognized for being minimalistic yet artistic, and the perfect table lamp.

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Flos is also an Italian brand, founded in 1962. Design and innovation are the focus, as the company was initially founded as a workshop for designers and architects. In short, anyone who wanted to innovate and advance the lighting industry was welcome.

It shows in the stunning and unique lamp designs created by Flos. The iconic Cocoon lamp originated from this manufacturer.


Luigi Fontana & C. was founded in 1881 to process crystal and glass, it created a name for itself and, in 1932 the company created its own brand, FontanaArte.

Ever since its conception it’s been considered a leader in the field of lamp design. They have a knack for creating simplistic yet stylish designs, such as the Rezzoli and the Giova table lamp.


Luceplan is the dream of three lighting architects. They founded the company in 1978 and every light they create is considered a perfect balance of functionality, beauty, durability and, perhaps most importantly, sustainability.

The company has won the Compasso d’Oro ADI award seven times: a testament to its innovative nature.

Summing Up

Modern design lamps manage to combine the beauty and classic lines of the past with the clean minimalistic lines of today. They also create their own unique statement, ensuring they are the design of the future as well as the design of today.

All you have to do is take a look, you’re certain to fall in love with one of the stunning modern lamps.

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