Everything You Need to Know About Charminar, Hyderabad

Also known as the city of Nizams, the historic significance of Hyderabad is paramount. Talking about Hyderabad, Charminar enhances the beauty of the city with its Indo-Saracenic architecture, built by Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah. The landmark stands tall embracing four minarets at its sides. This magnificent monument was built as a memorial to the then plague victims by the ruler.

Charminar was constructed at the crossroads, which linked Goconda with Machilipatnam. The interiors of the building are done with a unique combination of Persian and India style, which enhances the visual appeal of Charminar.

Do you Know the Other Name of Charminar?

The appeal of Charminar is no lesser than any royal ancestral. On account of its architectural prominence, it is otherwise also called the Arc de Triomphe of the East. A single granite was used to carve three arched facades. This took a whopping five years to complete the quarry work. If you are wondering about the number of total workers, over 8,000 workers are hired for the construction of the mosque.
Do you Know the Other Name of Charminar

The monument is square in shape–each of its sides is 20m in length and possesses four huge arches that open into four streets, surrounding Charminar. The length of each minaret is about 56m, and the landmark has around 160 steps around the corners that can take you to the top floor. Materials such as marble, mortar, granite, and limestone were used in excessive amounts for the construction of this gigantic monument.

It is said that the ruler put the foundation stone and began the construction of this splendid monument that we have today. However, the construction of Charminar was abandoned after the death of the emperor, which was resumed and completed to give it the look that this monument holds till date.

Which Areas Make the Best Residential Localities in Hyderabad?

The locality near Charminar is a market area and it is always crowded with tourists, shoppers, and hawkers. So, the residential area is a bit at a distance from Charminar. Madhapur, Vijay Nagar Colony, Up pal, and Moosapet.

Among these areas, if you are an IT professional looking for a flat for rent in Hyderabad, you can opt for Moosapet. From Moosapet, Charminar is at a distance of about 15 Kms. You can easily get a bus or an Uber/Ola to reach to the Ghansi Bazaar to see Charminar.
Residential Localities in Hyderabad
Besides this, if you are looking for rental flats in Hyderabad to have a quality life, Kutkatpally has got some amazing projects that have sky-high buildings. Once the metro project is launched, it would be easier to travel anywhere in the city.

If you are moving along with your family and are looking for a flat in Hyderabad for rent, Abids has got the city factor with malls, bank, hospitals, markets, and restaurants in its surroundings.

The cost of living in Hyderabad is relatively less as compared to other cities. Besides this, Hyderabad makes a peaceful city to live in with a pleasant atmosphere and less traffic jam during peak hours than the other metro cities. The city is gaining momentum with the booming IT sector, which has brought more individuals to Hyderabad.

So, if you are from the cohort and looking for a rental flat in Hyderabad, contact us to get your options.

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