Essentials to Build Your Capsule Wardrobe

Want to simplify your wardrobe and spend less time wondering what to wear and where to find it in your cupboard? Starting a capsule wardrobe is a great way to solve this and save money, as you’ll buy fewer clothes.

This article shares helpful tips and tricks on the essentials you’ll need. You’ll have a small collection of only practical items that you love.

The Clearout

Start with a proper clearout and get rid of everything that no longer fits. The second step is to put aside what you’ve not worn for the last year.


Suppose you’re not ready to get rid of it. Pack it away or move it into another space so that only your current season’s clothes remain in the cupboard. Remember to do the same for your shoes and accessories.

What’s the Occasion?

Now that you’ve reduced and only have your best fitting favorites left, think about your lifestyle and build up the basics for each section. Divide this into clothes for work, socializing, gear to workout in, and those for special occasions.

Decide what you’ll wear to a meeting, what’s your comfort kit for staying in, and what you like for exercising or sleeping. Once that’s sorted, here’s what your capsule should include.


There’s no absolute rule on exactly how many items you should have in your capsule, but as a guideline, you could aim to have no more than ten tops.

A classic white T-shirt is a must. You’ll need two others in neutral colors, as these are ideal for layering. Add in a few more button-up shirts and at least one jacket, jersey, or top-layer like a coat as the season determines.

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Every wardrobe needs at least one pair of great fitting jeans. It’s good to have other pants in neutral colors for more ‘dressy’ occasions.

For warmer months, women’s capri shorts and a few skirts are ideal. Don’t forget, you can always rely on a little black dress too.


Aim to limit your shoes to five pairs only. This will cover you for business and leisure and still give you options, so you’re not wearing the same shoes all the time.

Wrapping Up

A capsule wardrobe is a great way to clean up your cupboard, plus save time and money. You’ll need to do a proper clear out before you build up your base of essential items.

Think of what you need for different occasions and seasons. This sets you up with all the basics plus gives you the flexibility to layer, mix, and match.

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