Essential Kitchen Designs for Your Home in North Bay


Kitchen Design

Many years ago, the kitchen was just a place for cooking food and washing the dishes. Today, the kitchen plays a great role in bringing family members together before they start off their days and when they come home at the end of a tiring day. Because of this, kitchens today are designed with the goal to establish warmth and comfort for the homeowners.

Whether you’re building your first home or designing for a kitchen renovation, planning is an essential step. Here are essential things to consider in your kitchen design to ensure an efficient and comfortable space.

The Right Cabinet Dimensions

Regardless of how tall you are, the cabinets you choose should suit you. This is to ensure that you’re comfortable working around the kitchen. Imagine the inconvenience of having to get a ladder to get supplies. With the right cabinet height, you can smoothly move around the kitchen to get what you need in your preparations.

The Right Cabinet Dimensions

Stock cabinets may come in standard sizes, making it difficult to find something suitable for very tall or short people. Fortunately, kitchen cabinets in North Bay can be customized to your liking. You can even plan on the shelving design to ensure that you maximize the space you have inside the cabinet, as well as cater to your storage requirements.

Consider the Appliances to Get

In designing your kitchen, you want to ensure that you can move around the space effortlessly and efficiently. This means that you need to consider how to organize your kitchen essentials for smoother movements.

To do this, you also need to think and plan the appliances to include in your kitchen design. You should already plan what refrigerator, range, dishwasher, and other appliances you need in your kitchen. Planning tells you the dimensions you need to include in your kitchen design.

Another thing worth considering would be the appropriate size you need for these appliances, that is, whether to get a commercial or apartment size appliances.


One of the most common reasons for renovations is for additional storage. When you’re coming up with a kitchen design in North Bay, you’d want to reflect on what you’ll store in your kitchen.

Consider the quantity of food you need to keep. Think if you’ll need special storage for delicate china. To make sure that you don’t leave anything out, you can create a list of what things you need storage and how much.

Make it Functional

You don’t just want to have a pretty kitchen, you’d want it to be completely functional, too. A functional kitchen should work well for your family’s lifestyle.

To plan carefully, think about the activities that your family does in your kitchen. If you plan to check your emails while waiting for the food to be cooked, you should ensure that you have space for your laptop. If you often eat with your family in the kitchen or if everyone helps in food preparation and cleaning, ensure that you have enough space for everyone.

Also, ensure that you give easy access to things that you often use. Consider how you use your kitchen now, and plan how you can improve it.

Quality Hardware

The hardware you use on your cabinets can make a statement about your kitchen. You can choose something simple, shiny, or luxurious. Whether your kitchen style is modern, classic, or vintage, cabinet hardware can help you achieve the look you want.

In choosing the perfect hardware, think about the people who’ll use the kitchen regularly and what would work perfectly for them. If you plan to retire in your home, it would be better to choose pulls or handles than knobs for your cabinets and storage.

Quality Hardware

Plan Countertop Design

The available countertop options today are too many for you to choose easily. While you’re looking for a countertop design, ensure that you plan carefully including its maintenance.
Ideally, choose something that requires minimal maintenance, can withstand wear and tear, and one that’s easy to clean. Of course, you may also consider your budget, but do note that you need to choose something that’ll last a long time.

Final Thoughts

Planning is a crucial step in creating your kitchen design. On top of choosing a kitchen style that doesn’t easily go out of fashion, you’d want to ensure the comfort, efficiency, and functionality of your kitchen.

While there are many other things to include in your kitchen design, the essential considerations given above should serve as your guide in making a useful and pretty kitchen. A professional kitchen designer should help make your dream kitchen come alive.

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