Essential Benefits of Handheld Showerheads


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When thinking of the best showering experience, nothing quickly comes to mind other than a handheld shower. Mounted showerheads have their advantages, but so do handheld showerheads. If you wish to upgrade to using modernized handheld showerheads, you will get astonished at what they can offer. Modern handheld showerheads from have multiple uses as they are pleasurable, flexible, and convenient.

You can easily detach and direct a handheld shower to whichever place you want. This ensures that the water coming from your shower is only directed to the area that is needed. With minimal water consumption, you can take a shower without having to worry about the water bill. Perhaps before purchasing your handheld showerhead, consider these six advantages it has to offer.

1: Assisted Showering

A handheld showerhead is convenient for every member in your home despite the age bracket, be it young or old. It makes the elderly and disabled self-dependent for giving them the ability to shower by themselves without facing many difficulties. Unlike mounted showerheads, the disabled can even shower while sitting, which is a great relief for them. If you had a pet, for example, a dog, you are sorted out here. Handheld showerheads make it easy for you to groom your dog by rinsing the shampoo off the fur. This creates more understanding between you and your dog.

2: Less Strenuous

Showering can be so strenuous and uncomfortable if you have an injury, when you are tense, fighting arthritis pain, or have any other physical limitation. This is because to rinse off lathered soap when you are using the mounted showerhead; you will have to maneuver around for water streams to hit your body. Handheld showerheads remove all your worries; you only need to pull down its shower hose and pour the water streams where you want to rinse with so much comfort.

3: Helps Wash Hard to Reach Places

You don’t have to struggle anymore when rinsing thick conditioner or shampoo out of your hair. The handheld showerhead has simplified this for you. It is just perfect to use as it directs the water streams to where you want and will surely not miss soap suds. You won’t get trouble struggling to make turns while in the shower so that the water can reach the hard-to-reach areas, like behind your ears. You can easily guide the water streams and make a smooth rinse. It is a huge relief when you won’t get soapy water to enter your eyes as you rinse your hairline.


4: Thorough Rinsing

Turn on your shower water and use the handheld showerhead to lather the soap and rinse as you shave. You will forget about dry shaving when in a hurry. If kids want to rinse their feet off after playing outside, they can use a handheld showerhead. They are great for simple rinsing without getting soaked.

5: Cleaning your Shower

Your shower walls and doors may be full of soap suds, and this would give you some hard time cleaning and rinsing off. Thanks to handheld showerheads, they make the scrubbing and cleaning work easier for you. Unlike mounted showerheads whose streams would wash the shower walls halfway, a handheld showerhead enables you to rinse every part of your shower back.

6: Versatility

You can mount your handheld showerhead on the wall if you prefer a traditionally mounted showerhead. A handheld showerhead is a multipurpose tool. It can be used as either a mounted showerhead or a removable showerhead. When needed for certain tasks while taking a shower, since the handheld showerhead is flexible, you can simply re-attach it so you can be able to use both hands if you want.

7: Shower Pressure and Spray Settings

Handheld showerheads provide the high pressure and power you would want when showering, thanks to Waterpik technology. Due to advanced innovation, Handheld showerheads feature a range of spray settings. These include shower mist, power plus therapeutic shower massage, powerful and invigorating PowerSpray+, and the full-body spray.

8: Therapeutic Showering Experience

Thanks to the advanced settings that the handheld showerheads have, they are great for massaging body aches and massaging sore muscles. All you need to do is to change the shower mode to the powerful massage spray setting, and you are good to go. You will receive all of the health wellness benefits, including relief from muscle tension, stress, joint discomfort, especially if your shower head has Power+ with its therapeutic strength massage. Irrespective of the flow rate ( GPM ), you will always be relishing a powerful and refreshing shower experience. This is if your shower head features PowerSpray+.


Essential Features of Handheld showerheads

To enjoy all the above benefits of handheld showerheads, you need to choose the right product. Here are some essential features to help you make an informed decision:

Flexible Shower Hose

A handheld showerhead has a flexible hose attached to it. With this, you can move the spray as needed because of the freedom the shower offers you. A standard 5-foot hose may not be long enough; therefore, you have to get an extra-long hose. Choose an 8-foot shower hose or longer to make it more convenient.

Hand Shower Holder Bracket

Insert the base of the handheld shower into its holder if you need to use both your hands. The holder is a bracket that attaches itself to the shower pipe and connects the shower hose to the water supply. To adjust the shower head’s position, many handheld shower head holders have a pivot ball. Some have other mechanisms for adjusting.

Bottom Line

After a tiring day at work or school, we all want to take a shower and rest. The best way to shower is by using a handheld shower. It is a simple and convenient way to shower for the reasons mentioned and discussed above. When it comes to bathing your children, giving your dog his much-needed bath, and massaging aching muscles, handheld showers are the best.

Additionally, if you are huge in energy consumption, a handheld shower will be your best friend. You can always be sure to use minimal amounts of energy while getting the best shower experience. There are so many models in the market, and all you need to do is choose one that is great for you and your unique needs.

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