Errors to Avoid When Purchasing Patio Cushions


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Remodeling your outside area should be enjoyable, not onerous, whether you’re creating a brand-new patio or changing out worn-out cushions. However, there are some mistakes you should avoid to prevent your patio from looking shoddy or from being harmed by the elements. 

Read on to learn the mistakes you should avoid when selecting custom patio cushions, as well as a few tips to guarantee that your outside environment looks lovely!

Using old cushions as a gauge rather than furniture 

Assessing worn-out cushions before purchasing replacements is a mistake that many people make. Over time, a cushion’s stuffing may deplete partially, and the fabric may stretch. Because of this, measuring an old cushion won’t provide you with precise measurements for a new one; but, measuring your patio furniture will. 

Before purchasing patio cushions, you should use a sturdy tape measure to determine the overall width, back height, and seat depth of your outdoor furniture.

Not Taking Your Climate or Daily Use into Account 

Your location, intended use, and other considerations will likely determine which cushions are best for your household or family. Therefore, the patio cushions your friend purchased for her coastal beach property might not be suitable for your outdoor space’s natural setting, and vice versa. Fortunately, there are lots of cushion and fabric choices available. 

You can choose the fabric that will best suit your demands by taking into account the weather and daily wear your cushions endure. For instance, if you have children or dogs, you’ll appreciate the toughness of spun polyester cushions. Olefin or acrylic fabric may be preferred by homeowners in rainy conditions, whereas acrylic linen works well for hot, sunny patios.

Considering that Cushion Protection Is Not Important 

You should always shield your pillows from the weather even if your outside area is covered. If you don’t, your cushions can fade in the sun, get soggy in the rain, or blow away in a storm. 

Outdoor loveseats and chairs can be well-protected with furniture covers if your home encounters snowy or wet seasons. Additionally, you might want to purchase or set aside a container to keep your patio cushions dry throughout the winter and stormy seasons. Additionally, outdoor umbrellas will provide refreshing shade and shield your cushions from UV rays if your patio receives a lot of sunlight.

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Making the Wrong Color Choices for Your Room 

You should want to enjoy every day on your patio since it should look fantastic! The selection of the appropriate cushion shades is a key component of that. If you use too few colors, your patio may appear dull. On the other side, it’s simple to overdo it with color in a room.

Not Enjoying the Patio Design Process! 

Selecting the elements you love the most is just as important as considering the cushion fabric, protection, colors, and sizes. After all, you should love spending time in your outside environment because it is unique. While it’s crucial to avoid the aforementioned errors, you also desire the designing and cushion-designing procedure to be enjoyable. 

Using custom patio cushions in your preferred patterns and colors will give your patio a lot of charm. Additionally, accent rugs, drapes, or outdoor wall art might go well with your cushions and further distinguish your environment. Regardless of the cushions or accessories you pick, your patio ought to be a cozy haven that everyone in the area will want to hang out in!


You may create a truly one-of-a-kind outdoor setting by using these suggestions and eliminating typical cushion-buying blunders.

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