Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings vs. DIY Floor Paints

Anyone looking for an outstanding floor finishing considers epoxy floor finishes. As such, many opt for the low-cost DIY epoxy floor paint, expecting it to be as great as the more authentic epoxy floor coating. Are they any different? Yes, and though they appear like equally viable options, the truth is that they differ not only in quality, but installation process and so much more. That said, if you are in a dilemma, wondering whether the systems are any different, and opting for the cheaper DIY paint option, here is what you should know:

Chemical Differences Between Epoxy Paints and Coatings

Chemical Differences Between Epoxy Paints and Coatings

To begin with, even the fabrication of both products is different. Epoxy paints are just like normal paints but have a small amount of epoxy resin included, improving the quality of the floor finish. Unlike regular paints, therefore, homeowners enjoy better strength and durability from a simple DIY Epoxy paint job. On the other hand, epoxy floor coatings contain more chemical components. They also contain more solids in fabrication, which increases their durability and stability after installation.

First, they contain a substantially high amount of high-performance epoxy resin. This is combined with a polyamine hardener that improves the quality of coating to a level that cannot be compared to any type of floor paint. Additionally, some epoxy coatings come with aggregates like multicoloured quartz and graded silica sand which not only improve strength but improve the aesthetic appeal as well. Then fabrication, therefore, epoxy paints fall way below their counterpart, epoxy floor coatings.

Installation Processes Differ, as Well as Their Lifespans.

DIY paints are easy and simple to install. In fact, they can be installed by a layman and give a great final finish. This is because the process merely involves cleaning a concrete substrate where the paint is being laid and following the instructions, or a process video from YouTube. Even without previous experience, when followed to the latter, they give excellent results. Homeowners looking for a light-traffic short term floor solution will find them beneficial. When used in industrial settings, they peel off, are easily degraded and damaged.

Coatings, on the other hand, need extremely professional surface preparation and installation for a well-done result. First, special equipment such as a diamond blasting machine is used to prepare the concrete surface for it to bond permanently with the coating. Tools such as flat trowels, rollers and screed boxes are also used, and the laying of the coating involves several layers. These include the primer, mid-coat and overcoat.

Mixing of the components also calls for a specialist just like installation does. It should be done within a given period after mixing for best results. As seen, the epoxy coating installation process is a complex procedure. Laymen cannot handle the intricacy of the details that go into it, therefore flooring contractors have to be involved. Though this means more money, the superior quality, long life, excellence and outstanding long-term value gotten is worth the expense. These floors are better for commercial and industrial premises. You can ask for help to these professional Epoxy Resin Flooring Contractors about epoxy resin coating.

Overall Appearance

Overall Appearance
At first glance, you may mistake the paint to be the coating, especially when the former has just been installed recently. Moreover, when purchasing the paint, the products will often read ‘For a tough, durable, hardwearing floor that is resistant chemical spillage and handles regular cleaning’. The truth, however, is that with paints, this only lasts for a short while, especially in high traffic and industrial areas. That said, the two systems are different in the overall finish in that:

  • The epoxy coating is thicker, giving 250-300microns per coat while the paint system only gives 60-70microns per coat.
  • The epoxy coating does not peel or flake especially when it is installed professionally, unlike the paint.
  • The coating also gives a glossier, more attractive finish which reflects the light superbly.

Wind Up

The choice of flooring to go with ultimately depends on the use of the premises, your budget and quality of floor that you are looking for. The Epoxy resin floor coating system is more advanced in quality, longevity and appeal. This makes it ideal for heavy traffic areas since it’s thicker and more hardwearing. It is also more attractive meaning it is ideal for commercial facilities. That said, the two are indeed very different, and neither can be used in place of the other!

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