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If a kitchen tool is essential to every professional chef and cook, it’s a good chef’s knife. However, with several kitchen knives available on the market, it’s challenging to pick the right knife for your kitchen needs. When getting a good chef knife, think about the task at hand. Are you in need of a butcher knife? Do you need a knife that executes precision cuts on delicate ingredients? Maybe you need a knife to use for numerous preparation work? These determine the best chef’s knife to suit your needs.

Serbian chef makes one of the best knives with excellent cutting performance. Their knives use carbon steel with Japanese santoku and a meat cleaver, making cutting tasks more efficient. One of the best Serbian knives is ENOKING Chef Knife. It is versatile, offers great value for money, and requires minimal maintenance. Let’s find out more on ENOKING Serbian Chef Knife features below.


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ENOKING Serbian Chef Knife has a 6.7” blade made of 5Cr15MoV high carbon steel material, making it resistant to wear due to its high hardness. High carbon content makes it resistant to rust, but you should store them in dry places and away from acidic plus alkaline corrosive substances. For proper care and maintenance of this knife, always clean it after every use and store it when fully dry. If it’s not in use for longer, always smear cooking oil on its surface.

Moreover, this is a multifunctional chef knife, and it’s suitable for mincing, slicing, chopping, and cleaving bone, meats, vegetables, steak, fruits, fish, etc. The hand-polished edge at 16 degrees per side features an extraordinary performance for longer service life and edge retention. With this, you’ll have a smooth cutting. Furthermore, the knife contains a multi-channel composite to offer fine grinding, which retains its sharpness for a longer time.

ENOKING chef knife is hand-made by artisans with over 30 years of skill. In addition, the knife features a full tang handle and a triple-riveted design, making it maneuverable and more comfortable. The knife comes with a special leather cover that protects the blade. With the cover, you can easily attach it to the belt; hence more convenient to carry when hiking, camping, hunting, BBQ, fishing, etc.

Its distinct hand-forged texture helps in preventing food from sticking to its blade. Furthermore, its handle is made of steel covered with wood and reinforced with six rivets; hence it will not break.

Key Features

  • A 6.7” hand-forged sharp blade built with 5Cr15MoV carbon steel
  • The knife weighs 1.79 pounds making it lightweight hence fatigue-free when in use
  • An ergonomic wood full tang handle with wave shape and triple-riveted design makes it comfortable plus stylish
  • 16-degree cutting angle per side helps in smooth cutting

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  • It’s multipurpose
  • Made with high-quality carbon steel
  • Hand-forged pattern makes it strong and durability
  • Full Tang ergonomic handle with wave shape makes it comfortable
  • Hand-polished edge offers smooth cutting
  • Comes with a special leather cover for storage and protection
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Great weight balance for effective handling
  • Extremely sharp plus durable
  • Suitable for dealing with large pieces of bones and meat


  • The blade can rust if it’s not dried well before storage
  • The handle may be uncomfortable for some users

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ENOKING Serbian chef knife is a great kitchen knife designed for chopping, cutting, slicing, mincing, cleaving, etc., and various kinds of food. This knife features a sharp, pointed blade made using 5Cr15MoV high-carbon steel. Moreover, the knife also features an ergonomically handle with a wave design to offer a comfortable grip. The knife also comes with a leather cover to guard the blade making it more comfortable to carry when hiking, camping, hunting, BBQ, fishing, etc.

ENOKING Serbian chef knife features a multi-channel composite suitable for fine grinding. With this, the knife will maintain its sharpness for a long time.

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