Elements to Consider When Purchasing a Home Water Purifier


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There are several water filters on the marketplace currently. Each water purifier has a different selling pitch, yet they all claim to deliver the best water possible. However, keep in mind that all water purifiers have distinct technical characteristics and meet some fundamental needs. Water pressure, quality of water, and extra space all play a role in determining which one will work best for you. If you’re undecided which one to purchase, see our guide on selecting a water filter for home use.

  • Pressure In the Water

Carefully check the water pressure before buying a water filter online. According to professionals such as https://www.aquasafe.com.au/, water purifiers require a pressure of 5-40 PSI (pounds per square inch) to work successfully. Counting how many floors you are away from the terrace where gravity distributes water is all it takes to calculate the pressure in your tap.

Since every 10 feet from the top is equivalent to 5 PSI, if you live on the eighth floor of a ten-story building, your water pressure will most likely be 10 PSI. If you live on the first level, the pressure in your tap will be around 45 PSI. A pressure reduction valve and a water filter will be required if this is the case. A turbopump or UV purifier that works on loft tank pressure can be used in homes with very low pressure.

  • Water Purifier Location

It is critical to place the water purifier near a water supply and an electrical point with earthing. The filter and the water / electrical connection should preferably be within 3 feet of each other. Also, keep the cleaner out of direct sunshine and heat. Choose a wall-mounted purifier if space is an issue or if you want to keep your counter space free. Today, most flats have a specific water outlet near the kitchen sink to which the cleaner may be attached.

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  • Electricity

The size of the filter is another essential thing to consider when purchasing a water purifier. If your neighborhood has regular power outages, a water filter with storage is the best option. These non-electric storage water purifiers rely on gravity rather than energy, making them a viable alternative if your neighborhoods’ power supply is unreliable. Speaking of power suplies, Visit Bravo Electro and take a look at their power supplies that can come in handy.

  • Budget

It’s critical to have a budget in mind while looking for water purifiers online. This will assist you in choosing a water purifier that considers all of the variables, such as water type, TDS levels, and so on. Furthermore, if your budget is limited, you may choose from various options to effectively do a certain task. If you can’t locate a water purifier that fits your budget, don’t worry; contact us, and we’ll recommend the finest water purifier for your house.

  • Service

It’s crucial to remember that a water purifier, whether UV or RO, requires routine maintenance and the replacement of critical components. The frequency of service and maintenance depends on the water quality, and therefore the lower the water quality, the more frequent the service. Hopefully, this post has provided you with a great insight into the most important factors to consider before purchasing a water purifier that matches your requirements from sites such as aquasafe.com.au.

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