Electrical Problems Around The Home You Better Let The Pros Handle

It’s the middle of winter and your heater just died. This is bad news indeed, but if you act quickly you can stop this situation from getting worse. There are a few things to consider before calling out for professional help: how old is your heater? Is it gas or electric? What’s the make and model of the unit? How long has it been since your last service? It’s worth taking a little time to do a quick check yourself before making the call. The pros will be able to take care of any problem in a single visit, costing you less money and hassle down the line! 

Problem 1: Circuit Breaker Tripping Frequently

This is one of the first signs that your heater needs servicing. Tripping circuit breakers can be caused by several different things. The first thing to check is whether the breaker has been installed correctly, and there are no ‘loose connections’ around it; if not, you should call out electrician services in Singapore to deal with it. If all looks good here, then you’re dealing with a faulty appliance: time to call for help!

Problem 2: Electric Heater Is Not Getting Power

If an electric heater isn’t getting power, this could mean many different things. The easiest way to check for is just by flipping the circuit breaker in your home’s breaker box. If you can’t get a heat reading, it’s time to call a professional, as the problem could be anywhere from faulty wiring or a loose connection to something more serious like a malfunctioning furnace.

Problem 3: Furnace Is Not Getting Power

Just like with an electric heater, check your circuit breaker first for this one. If you don’t have power at the outlet it’s best not to try and fiddle around with anything — calling a professional is always the safest bet if you aren’t sure of yourself!

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Problem 4: No Heat No Fan At All

If you turn on your ceiling fan and notice that it isn’t turning at all when running (not even in reverse), place your hand behind the unit to see if it’s running. If you can feel air coming from there but not from your vents, then your fan motor needs replacement. If you’re feeling adventurous, this is an easy DIY project for a weekend!

Problem 5: Broken Fan Blades Or Squeaky Motor

One or more of your ceiling fan blades are broken or old and hanging on by a thread. Rather than take a chance at having the rest of the blade fall off mid-use, we recommend replacing them ASAP. The best time to replace broken ceiling fan blades is during the summer months when you have the A/C turned on full blast anyway, shoving that hot air down to be cooled right back up again by ceiling fans. In other words, now is as good a time as any to tackle this task!

If your ceiling fan motor has been running noisy lately, it’s best not to try and DIY repair this one. Because there are so many different types of motors used in ceiling fans, you’ll want an actual pro here. Once they’ve diagnosed the problem it will be simple enough for them to pick up the replacement parts needed on their way out.

Problem 6: Broken Light Switches And Outlets

A part of your home has stopped working properly because a switch or outlet is broken. Not surprising since these things get constant use throughout each day! It’s easy enough to determine which item needs replacing by simply turning off the power at the box for that particular circuit, and then flipping each switch or plugging and unplugging things until the culprit is found. Once that’s done you’ll be ready to head off to your local hardware store to pick up a fresh replacement part.

Problem 7: Broken Light Fixtures And Chandeliers

Whether they’re hanging from the ceiling or sitting atop tables, chandeliers and light fixtures can get banged around quite a bit over time, but it doesn’t mean they need to be replaced! If only one bulb in your fixture has burned out, we recommend swapping in a brighter wattage than what was there before (this is because lighting has evolved since your fixture was first installed). 

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Whether you’ve recently purchased your home or have lived there for years, it’s inevitable that at some point something is likely to go wrong or stop working properly. This can be scary if you’re not prepared for it, but the good news is that the majority of issues are usually quick and painless fixes!

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