Electrical Connectors – Essential Features That You Should Count On

An average household makes use of various electrical devices. Simply put, the electrical circuits comprise of multiple elements, which also includes the cables and wires. On the other hand, the electrical connectors usually are joined for creating an end-to-end channel for the electrical current, to keep flowing.
Electrical Connector

The electrical connectors today come with the jacks (the female ends) and the plug (the male ends) that needs to connect with another so that there is a permanent connection. However, sometimes there’s also a temporary connection that you can assemble as well as do away with special tools. Furthermore, the majority of electrical connectors come with two primary parts. They are as follows:

  • The housing

It is the case or structure that is used for containing the terminals. It makes sure there are stable connections. It also secures the electrical contacts from any kinds of short-circuits and other environmental hazards. The connector housings usually are composed of molded plastic. However, few other insulating materials such as ceramics also get used.

  • Terminals

The terminals are counted as the connector pins, which ensure electrical conduction for protecting the connection. It is made of metal, and a couple of them also use silicon, carbon, and other various conductive materials.

The features of electrical connectors

It is essential that you learn about electrical connectors and their functions to apply it correctly. Some of the crucial elements are as follows:
The features of electrical connectors
Keyed connectors

These connectors are designed at a time when they stand incorrect orientation. It also averts all types of accidental damages of pins. Furthermore, it also prevents the users from using the connectors in the wrong sockets.

Hermetically sealed connectors

There are a few applications that need the electrical connection to stay submerged in water. Here the connectors are built in a way that it can function effectively underwater. They are strong enough to withstand all the pressure to a particular depth.

Locked connectors

The locking mechanism makes sure that the connectors stay in the same place. It also secures other connections from accidentally breaking. It prevents any movement when a connector gets jolted or bumped.

Oil and moisture resistant connectors

These connectors are to secure electrical connections from all kinds of damage resulting from moisture and oil.

Water-resistant connectors

These connectors are not conducive in staying submerged in water. However, the connectors offer security for electrical connections against all water damages, that which include the occasion dampness as well as splashes.

ESD shielded connectors

The electrostatic discharge can hamper the wiring and other components. Hence, the ESD shielded connectors can offer extra security against this.

RFI or EMI Filtering

It comprises of the added features which are present in the housing, to secure the connectors from dangers of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can impact the circuits which carry the electrical signals.

These are some of the essential features that you should stay aware before you decide to opt-in for one. It is a smart call to delve deep on each of the electrical connectors and understand its functions, features, and benefits. It will help you to address your requirements better.

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