Easy Ways to Improve Home Lighting in Every Room: A Room-by-Room Guide


Ways to Improve Home Lighting 2

Indoor lighting is one of the main decor elements of our interior designs. Sadly, however, not many people pay enough attention to it when designing their living spaces.

The beauty of indoor lighting is that it can completely transform your living space. But when coming up with an appropriate lighting design, choosing beautiful luxury wall sconces for your rooms won’t be the end of your efforts. Instead, you also need to consider what type of lighting you need in every specific room.

So, let’s explore.

Ways to Improve Home Lighting 1

Living Room

The living room is usually considered the main room of any living space, as this area is where we spend most of our free time. That’s why you need to ensure that you install enough different lighting sources that will cater to different needs. Start off with the first layer of lighting, which is your overhead lighting, and make sure that the fixture you chose can easily illuminate the entire room equally. Next, add accent lighting to bring more focus and attention to various decor pieces you decided to implement in your living room. Moreover, plan out different zones in your living room and ensure that you have task lighting for each one of them so that you can comfortably read a book, for instance, while your partner is snoozing on the couch. Finally, if you wish to go a step further and create the ultimate comfort in your living room, make sure you install light dimmers so you can easily control the light intensity.


Bedrooms usually don’t have the same lighting requirements as living rooms do, but that’s not always the case. While you will probably make the least use of an overhead lighting fixture in your bedroom – you will still need to install one to ensure you have plenty of light if you ever need it. But the primary light source in your bedroom will come from the bedside lamps you choose to install. Whether you opt for tabletop lamps or wall-mounted ones, make sure they provide you with just the right amount of lighting. Additionally, if you have a vanity unit in your bedroom, make sure that area is also adequately lit so that it can serve the purpose it’s intended for. And, of course, don’t forget to install light dimmers as well, so you can easily reduce the amount of illumination before you go to sleep.


The kitchen is the area where overhead and task lighting play significant roles. Now, while you can install accent lighting in this space if you wish, there’s no need to do so. Instead, make sure that the overhead fixture provides enough illumination to all the corners of the space. Moreover, install task lighting underneath your hanging kitchen cabinets to better illuminate the work surfaces. If you don’t use your countertops to prepare food but do so on a kitchen island, ensure that that area is well-illuminated. Simply put, the better the lighting you have in your kitchen, the less room there will be for any accidents and mishaps.


Bathrooms are another area of the home where lighting needs to be stellar. You simply won’t go wrong with adding as many lighting sources as you wish here. Of course, your overhead lighting will play the main role, as well as any beauty lights you choose to add close to the mirror. Similar to the kitchen, the bathroom is the safest to use when appropriately illuminated. So, avoid going for dimmed lights and choose bright LED or CFL bulbs instead. Another very important light source is the nightlight, particularly if you have small children, so they can comfortably use the bathroom without necessarily having to turn the main light on. Even if you or your child are not afraid of the dark, having a nightlight will still make using the bathroom more comfortable.

Ways to Improve Home Lighting 2


Last but not least, we have the foyer. While this space is usually the one that’s most commonly overlooked, it still has some specific lighting needs. Whether you have an outdoor lighting fixture or not, you need to ensure that the entrance to your home is properly lit. But instead of installing an overhead light, you can easily get away with some accent and task lighting fixtures only. Add a tall floor lamp next to your door to ensure you have plenty of light when entering and exiting your home, and add some accent lighting to your foyer decor to make it really pop.

As you can see, although each room of your house requires proper lighting, not all of them need for the same type. So, make sure you inspect every room carefully and decide which lighting layers will work best in which room.

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