Easy Hacks to Improve Your Live/ Workspace



The emergence of a pandemic has made life turn around. Many people are working from home, and they have to face reality. Many people lost their jobs, while the pandemic forced others to relocate to different positions.  With this in mind, many people, including students, have found time to enjoy time with their friends and relatives. Home has become both a dwelling place and an office to many adults. The new experience of working at home may be stressful and need you to have the right mind and focus on your work. Experts that are able to write my paper for me can also offer you several strategies that you can use to reduce anxiety, keep focus and increase your productivity in the office. 

Create a designated working area

Human beings fail to mentally separate their living room and office space when using the same room. You should have a separate room as an office. Students can use the other rooms for other home purposes. Creating a separate space for work reduces your anxiety and makes you more productive. When you don’t have an extra room, you may move some of the items from a particular room or relocate to a room that has fewer commodities. Switch areas or space to break the monotony. Avoid the temptation of working from the bed because you might fall asleep. 


Add plants

Plants reduce stress and boost productivity and concentration. They make us happy; that’s why they are necessary for our workspace to boost our mood. Plants need light to grow and make the environment adorable and beautiful. They aid in reducing headaches and eyestrain due to long hours of looking at our screens. 

Keep your room tidy

When your room is cluttered, you will lose concentration on your work. When your desk is tidy, your mind also gets organized and orderly. Our cortex may be overwhelmed by irrelevant objects to our tasks, and we quickly lose focus.

Play the right background music

Music makes us happy by reducing anxiety and stress. There is various music that provides an excellent working experience. There are different types of people; others can work with little background music while others are distracted by little noise. You may look for a playlist from the internet that is created for the working environment. Some of the apps include Brain. FM and Headspace app. The apps are helpful to relax our minds and increase brain productivity.


Smell productivity

Some fragrances can boost our work productivity. Some of the perfumes that may be useful include the smell of lemon, coffee, fresh peppermint, or rosemary. They re-energize our memories and boosts concentration. 

Be active and comfortable.

The recent covid pandemic has led to the closure of sporting places such as gyms. We should ensure that we take a break or run on the streets. The most effective way of being effective is by doing physical exercises. You may adjust your position or training using the available commodities in the house. 


Living a great life requires you to be stress-free. Human beings work in an environment that is friendly to carry out their activities.

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