Easy and Effective Ideas to Revamp Your Garden Space


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Revamp Your Garden Space

The ultimate relaxation spot in any house, gardens are the home of nature and beauty. A haven that soothes the senses with its greenery, colorful life, and calming scents.

But a garden needs some work and maintenance effort otherwise, it can become a jungle of weeds and ugly creeping plants. Not good at all!

So if you’re thinking of changing the look of your garden more to your liking. or just getting started on one, we are here to help you make the most of it.


Colorful Flower Bed

No garden is complete without the colorful freshness of flowers. Flowers add a splash of life to a normally boring landscape and need no other ornamentation to enhance their appeal, rather they make everything around them seem beautiful.

So whether you have a tiny, balcony garden or a big, lawn garden, you should assign a special place to flowers and flowerbeds. Even if you are not an avid gardener or rarely get time to tend to your plants regularly, flowers can be easy enough to manage if you know what to plant. For example, if you plant seasonal flowers that die at the end of the season, you would have to constantly keep track of their life and plant new varieties at the beginning of each season. Not an ideal choice for all!

So depending on your gardening skills and interest, plant a variety of flowers around the garden, in pots or flowerbeds. Just make sure that your flowers receive sufficient sunlight and water through the day along with the occasional weeding check, otherwise, they can wither very quickly too.

Water Fountain

water fountain

Gardens are a place to relax, meditate, and reflect and nothing can be more calming and relaxing than the sounds of trickling and slowly flowing water nearby.

Now you may be thinking that having a pool, fountain or water channel in your personal garden is a very high-maintenance and insanely expensive idea. But not anymore!

You can now easily install a beautiful water fountain in your garden, which not only serves the calming purpose of a water display but is also cost-effective and requires no manual maintenance, apart from a seasonal cleaning. I learned about these fountains from my interior designer friend Sally, who actually has a detailed blog post on saltlampcity.net where she shared her top picks. I picked up around 10 different fountains from that list on Salt Lamp City and really love them. Wish I could buy them all.

These electric water fountains are eye-catching, sophisticated and need very little space too. So if the sounds of water calm your senses, then a water fountain is a must for your garden.

Gravel Path

gravel path

If your dry and dusty garden path is in need of a revamp, gravel can be your best friend. Nothing brings a more rustic feel to the garden than a gravel path.

Many people prefer paving their garden paths or patios but gravel is a much more affordable and aesthetically pleasing option. It is also much easier to lay down on your own so you won’t need to ask anyone else for their expertise. You can find different colored gravel in the market so choose whichever sits well with the overall look of the garden

Sitting area

Every garden needs a space for you to sit down and relax in the warm sunshine or the cool evening wind. You can also turn this area into a yoga or meditation space depending on your personal preference, or create a BBQ area for family and friends to get together and enjoy a meal together.

But you do need to keep in mind the overall size of your garden to design an appropriate sitting area. If you’re thinking of a joint sitting and party space, then you definitely need to set aside a section of the garden to build the space and do research for decor ideas depending on your budget. But for a small, personal sitting space, you can simply restore some old furniture, like rocking chairs or a coffee table, with some DIY ideas to add a comfy, homely feel to the whole space.



One of the easiest and cheapest ways to change your garden’s look is through lighting. Golden lights bring a special warmth to the greenery and colors of a garden and make everything pop wonderfully in the evening.

Fairy lights are easily available everywhere and do not require any special electric setups so, you can hang them around the garden quickly without any help and the whole look will be transformed in a jiffy. No need to spend on extravagant lighting. Simple is best!

Your garden is your relaxation space, where you loosen up. So revamp it such that you can de-stress here after a long day and enjoy nature.

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