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A primary component of the exterior of a household and the solo heftiest moving part is the garage door. Homeowners need to employ a substantial level of care and upkeep with this part of the home to maintain optimum functionality for an extended duration.  

When it comes to significant repairs, professionals should handle the responsibility to ensure the work is done adequately and safely. But when a homeowner takes the responsibility of checking the door regularly and understanding the basic parts, there is a greater chance of catching malfunctions or defects before they turn into significant issues. 

Let’s look at some basic upkeep a homeowner can participate in to keep the garage door operating optimally.

Garage Door Tips For The Average Homeowner

As an average homeowner, maintenance and upkeep come with the territory. That means something as massive as a garage door needs attention regularly to ensure its optimum functionality. 

Major repairs need performing by a reputable professional garage door repair service like rowedoor.com to ensure quality and safety. No one wants to have the betrayal of a malfunctioning door or the inability to get their vehicle out of the garage. 

With regular inspections, you can catch potential problems early and have these fixed before a significant problem arises. Some general upkeep tips for executing as an average homeowner for the optimum performance of a garage door include:

  • Moving parts need lubricating

The garage door’s lifespan will extend if you keep the rollers, hinges, and other moving parts lubricated correctly. The process helps decrease the stress of the parts and allows the whole door to feel less pressure. A quality lubricant spray needs to be applied on the parts two times annually.

White lithium grease or products in this same category will benefit these parts, but it’s essential to clear off the excess. “Penetration solvents” could also be needed for specific parts with a tendency to seize. After these loosen, then you can use the typical products.

The spring system lubrication is essential, including the pulleys and bearings, to ensure the optimum running of the operation. That includes the door opener chain and screw attachments.k

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  • Tracks for the door need inspecting.

The tracks on each side of the garage door need inspecting to ensure they are free of rust and debris. Buildups of any kind of grime can lead to roller failure or spring and bearings. A damp cloth can clean these with adequate results. A metal cleaner solvent of the best quality is beneficial when you have a sticky residue to contend with. 

In colder climates, homeowners are strapped with ice and snow buildup, major adjustments to the tracks need to be taken care of by the experts to ensure accuracy.

  • Weatherstripping needs replacing or repairs.

For those who hope to conserve energy, you need to keep weatherstripping in place. These are put in place at the bottom and around the door opening to keep cold air out and prevent water from entering as well as dust. 

You can find weather seals in varied colors for your specific door style. Whenever you notice damage or tears, these need replacing for optimum efficiency.

Final Thought

The most important part of a residential garage door is its safety. After 1993 these were designed to have auto-reverse meant to stop the door from progressing down and reverse it in its tracks to go back up when something is in the pathway. The safety measure is triggered by either safety “eyes” on either side or by a “force setting.”

Unfortunately, there were so many unfortunate accidents and fatalities with the traditional garage doors; safety features were essential in ensuring this was no longer the case. Doors today must have these features to maintain the optimum safety and functionality for homeowners and their families.

Aside from the safety features, homeowners must engage in care and upkeep to be aware of issues with their equipment. They need to employ the services of expert garage door professionals for professional maintenance and repairs as these become necessary to ensure the optimum functionality and safety of the garage door on the home. See here for how to repair a garage door.

This piece of equipment is a primary focal point and moving piece of equipment on the property. Making sure it is not a hazard but safe and functional is a priority for homeowners and the professionals they employ to maintain the equipment.

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