Dual Benefits of Eco-Friendly Roof Replacement Ideas!

A beautiful roof is one of the main aspects of an alluring house! But, beauty isn’t everything. You need to create a home that is not only beautiful. Pollution is hacking away at Mother Earth. Would you not want a home that helps protect Mother Nature? Surely, you would! So, why not replace the roof with an option that does not only look good but also helps save energy reserve of Earth?

Talk to the roof replacement agencies, to find such a solution for your home! They know their work much better than a novice. Feeling skeptical about talking to the company that is going to put up the roof? Of course, they would look to make more money and might scam you, right? Well, no! If you have done your research properly, then you will be working with a company that does fair business and works for your best interests.

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How can you ensure that the Roofing Company is Reliable?

Here are some ways you could find a reputed agency:

1. References: Ask for the references from the shortlisted companies. If you find them apprehensive or dilly-dallying in providing the references, then you need to look for other agencies.
2. Testimonials: This can be done in two ways,

Ask your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues (who have recently replaced roofs) for testimonials of the agencies they used.
Ask the references, provided by the roofing agencies, for testimonials.

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What are the Eco-friendly Options for Replacing the Roof?

We now know how awesome the reputed roofing agencies are, but let’s get back on track; the environmental friendly roofing options. When you install the eco-friendly roofing options, you get dual benefits! You get one perk for yourself, with reduced electricity bills, and another one for Mother Nature, by reducing your carbon footprint.

Here are some amazing and cool (literally cool down your home) roofing options:

1. Wood Shingle Roof:

The usual asphalt shingles might look great, but the wooden shingles offer the same aesthetic appeal with environmental benefits! Just one thing, if your area is prone to bushfires, you should rethink about this option. The wooden shingles might be eco-friendly, but are flammable! Another downside is the lifespan. These do not last as long as asphalt shingles, but they improve aesthetic value and reduce carbon footprint.

2. Cool Roof:

This kind of roof means painting the roofs white or any light color. Such roofs are known to reduce the indoor temperature by 1 or 2 degrees. The reason for the cooler temperature is the simple reason that the lighter colored roofs reflect off the heat rays. The lower temperature makes the attic and upper parts of the house cooler. This plays a major role in the reduced need for air conditioning resources. The white colored shingles might just be colored asphalt shingles, so they might reduce your energy consumption, but are not entirely eco-friendly.

3. Metal Roof:

Metal roof replacement might seem expensive initially, but the low maintenance and longer lifespan, make them cost-effective in the long run. The metal roofs are completely recyclable, even if you change them (say after 50 years). The light-colored metal roofs are more eco-friendly. The durable nature combined with the eco-friendly nature makes the metal roofs one of the best options. It also adds to the aesthetic value of your home.

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Apart from these options, you might as well go for colorbond roof replacement.

Whoa! Did you know about so many roofing options? Most probably not! In fact, there might be many more and you (or, any novice) might not have a good idea about all of them. Once you are satisfied with the testimonials and references, you must have found a good roofing agency! The smartest option would be to talk to these professionals, who have been working with different roofing options. Now, you can work to create a home that is energy efficient and eco-friendly!

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