Dressing Up An Empty Room Via Virtual Staging: A Quick Rundown

A strong first impression is what will make people remember whatever you’re presenting them with – and in this case, property for sale. You wouldn’t really present your condo or a house for sale in its barren state. You know people will just skim right through your entry since it’s not leaving a strong first impression!

Now, if you think that you should take money out of your own pockets to completely renovate what your house looks like to suit that of what the clients envision, then you are sorely mistaken! Sure, the traditional staging method is a lot more reliable since you can see a physical output. However, the better solution would be to seek a virtual staging service to put the client’s visions into actual visible photographs! 

You might be wondering what virtual staging is anyway, right? Don’t worry. That will all be covered in this article, as well as which service you should run to first if you’re looking for top-tier virtual staging output. Seeking out virtual services is always a better choice since it is way more cost-effective, just one of the many benefits!

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What Virtual Staging Is

Virtual staging, simply put, is just the whole process of traditional home staging, all edited with photo editing software – basically, digital staging. The goal of using virtual staging is to make the output look as realistic as possible. Otherwise, people will see right through the altered photo leaving a negative impact on your listing. 

Like with plenty of queries, they all start with a simple search on the internet – so searching for the best virtual staging service will most likely get you to where you want. However, suppose you want to get there right away without the extra work. In that case, PadStyler is your best bet if you want amazing results that still look realistic!

What Virtual Staging Isn’t

Don’t forget that virtual staging is still ultimately a form of photo editing. However, removing some small features out of the picture isn’t considered virtual staging. To stage a room means to style it and add furnishings to make the room more appealing to buyers when it is put up for sale. It’s more than just erasing some petty items out of the picture!

Virtual staging is exactly that; adding in furnishings in an empty room, changing the color of the walls, or even the floorings’ pattern. You can edit a photo by adding many things into the photo, but you can also take stuff out! Like a trash can in such an unsightly position or even an electrical cord running stray but that’s not virtual staging anymore.

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The Benefits Of Virtual Staging

We already mentioned one of the pros to getting one of your bare rooms virtually staged – which was that it costs way less to digitally stage a room compared to physically staging it. Physically staging a room can cost you hundreds to even thousands of dollars, whereas virtually staging one room can cost less than a hundred dollars, plus it’s more convenient! 

Having a photo of your room be altered allows it to have a more polished look, making your property look much more appealing to fresh pairs of eyes. Getting a room virtually staged also suggests some very fitting designs for the room – maybe even a certain lifestyle, which can give the potential buyers an idea and yourself on how to set up the room! 

Not only is it more cost-effective, getting your property digitally staged is so much more time-effective as well! You don’t have to spend time searching for the perfect furnishings to move and add to your rooms. After submitting a photograph for an order, you’ll have to spend the only time waiting on the finalized product. 

Virtually staging a room can make the dimensions of a room look much better, rather than putting up a photo of an empty room – which might look small to others since there is no sizable furniture to fill up the room. You can fill up space with virtual staging, which then gives the buyers an idea of the room’s size and how they can utilize that space.

As a follow up on the previous point, having a virtually staged room will make your listing so much more memorable to the buyers. An empty room will just be avoided since there’s nothing much to display. Virtual staging can emphasize parts of the room that can draw more attention to and leave lasting impressions!


No matter what critics say about virtual staging, you can’t deny that it is ultimately a creative tool. You can use it to fill out an empty room that you want to put up for sale. Alternatively, you can use it to plan out how you want a room to look with specific furnishings or even different floorings and wallpapers! 

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