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Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry is versatile, as it can be worn in fancy events or even on an ordinary day just to feel good. However, there’s actually more to crystals than what meets the eye! In many articles across various sources lies one mysterious fact. Each kind of crystal has distinct properties or abilities and it’s something you cannot disregard because there are actually particular ways as to how a crystal, that’s been formed into jewelry, should be worn. 

In this article, we will be enumerating the do’s and don’t when wearing crystal jewelry so that on your next crystal selection, you are well aware of what it is for and if you’re wearing it correctly. 

1. Select the right crystal.

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As said earlier, crystals have specific abilities that you should know so that you’re wearing the right kind. There are healing crystals, crystals that enable peace of mind, or internal strength. Whatever their abilities are, you should know it before choosing one. 

For instance, amethyst is said to have soothing properties that the bearer of it will be able to lessen and ease one’s self from stress and all unwanted burdens on life. Another would be moonstone which is a crystal intended for women who want to improve their fertility. 

This goes to say that choosing the crystal you want to wear as jewelry should not be really based on appearance only but also according to its functionality. Also, there’s one way to know if it’s the crystal for you. When that one unexplainably connects you, it might be the one. 

2. Do not forget to cleanse the crystal prior to wearing them as jewelry.

This is because an uncleansed crystal cannot function properly. They won’t be as effective in absorbing negative energies, for instance. Also, regular cleansing of crystals is essential because it’s a way of resetting them or restoring their original state or natural vibrations making them functional as they were before. One way to do it is by cleansing the crystal with running water but make sure that you verify that the crystal you chose can be cleansed with water. Selenite and halite crystals should not be exposed to water, so if you choose to have this, make sure that won’t get wet. 

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3. Observe proper storage of crystal jewelry.

You need to take note that as part of your duty as a bearer of the crystal jewelry, you need to make sure it is stored properly. There are crystals that need to be placed away from windows and shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight or else, their functionality may be affected. Amongst all crystals, amethyst is UV sensitive so make sure that you don’t show, display, or expose them in the open sun. As much as you want to ensure that its functionality will not be hampered, your safekeeping is of much importance.

Final Words

Wearing crystals as jewelry surely looks fancy. But of course, you need to be cautious about it. Do not just wear one to look expensive. You need to know what to wear because this might not help you at all. Lastly, always treat your crystal jewelry as a very valuable possession that you need to carefully keep to avoid any forms of adverse effects towards it.

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