Does The Season Affect The Success Of Selling Your Home?


Selling your house is a stressful experience, anything that can be done to increase your chances of selling quickly, are much welcomed idea. There are the obvious points of making sure it has curb appeal and is attractive inside. But you probably didn’t realize that the time of year that you put your house on the market can affect how quickly your house can sell.

Market research has shown that the most popular season that house buyers like to move into their new houses is during the summer. Taking into consideration the time needed to sell and complete the paperwork, which is approximately 10 weeks, the most opportune time to list your home for sale is in the spring.

A close second to summer, spring is the 2nd best season in which to sell your house. In April and May, properties quickly sell, taking on average 60 days to find a buyer. This is also a popular time for buyers to move into their new home, plenty of time to get to know the neighborhood and for their children to start new schools in the fall.

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Summer is the most successful time to sell your home, from June through to September properties take the least amount of time to sell. Having blue skies and sunshine can make the property and neighborhood seem more appealing. The summer holidays can have a negative effect as people are away, but on the positive side, it is often easier to move during the summer holidays.

During Autumn, properties are still selling fairly quickly with October and November showing a similar time period to spring. Research has shown that it is the second favorite season for buyers to move.

Winter is definitely the worst time of year to put your home up for sale. December through to February take an average extra 10 days for properties to sell, compared to Spring and Autumn. With the shorter, colder, darker days. Winter is the least popular season for buyers to move, especially around Christmas time, which is already a busy time. Moving at this time is incredibly stressful and best to be avoided.

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