Do You Need a Contractor or a Handyman?


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When you need repairs or changes made to your home, Angi, formerly known as Angie’s List, knows that it is important for you to hire the right professional. Unfortunately, though, many homeowners have no idea who the right professional is. They may be unsure of the differences between a contractor and a handyman and may be unsure as to which type of professional is right for their job. Read on to learn more about a contractor and a handyman, and who may be better suited to help you with your home repairs. 

What Is the Difference Between a Contractor and a Handyman?

The biggest difference between a contractor and a handyman is the type of license they possess and the type of skills, education, and training they have. As a general rule of thumb, contractors are trained in one specific area. For example, a plumber, roofer, and electrician are all skilled contractors. They know the ins and outs of their trade and focus mostly on that specific trade. On the other hand, a handyman is a jack of all trades. He may know a little bit about everything in the house, but he does not have a contractor’s license. Most states and counties offer a handyman license, so some handymen may have licenses.  

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How Can You Find Out What Licenses Are Needed For What Jobs? 

Before deciding whether you can hire a contractor or a handyman, you should find out if you are required to hire a licensed contractor for the job you need to be completed. For example, the city you live in may require a licensed electrician to rewire electrical wiring in a home. As such, a handyman cannot complete these tasks. The problem is that licensing requirements can change from county to county or state to state. The easiest way to find out if you need a licensed contractor for a specific job is to get in touch with your local building licensing authority. They can tell you what tasks you must hire a licensed contractor for and which a handyman may be able to assist with. 

How Can You Find Out What License a Contractor Has? 

If you are looking to hire either a licensed contractor or a handyman who possesses a handyman license, you may be wondering how you can verify what license an individual possesses and how you can find out if their license is valid. A licensed professional should have no problem showing you their license. The license should have a license number on it as well as end dates for when the license expires. If you have questions about licensing, visit your local business licensing authority. They may have an online website to lookup licenses or they may require you to go to their office where they can tell you if a license is valid. 

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People renovating the house concept

What Factors Should You Consider When Deciding Between a Contractor and a Handyman? 

If you are not required to hire a contractor for your job, you may still be torn between hiring a contractor versus a handyman. A few of the factors that Angi recommends considering as you debate between the two is to consider price and availability. As a general rule of thumb, handymen are cheaper and tend to have more availability. As such, they may be able to get the job done faster and for less money. Additionally, take the time to talk to past clients. You want to consider the work that the contractor or handyman has completed and if they are recommended by those who have worked with them in the past. 

Angi, previously known as Angie’s List, knows that the first step to hiring the right professionals for your home repair and renovation needs is to understand what specific job titles mean. Once you better understand what a handyman does and how their task differs from a contractor, you can start to understand which professional may be best suited for your home needs.

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