Do You Have A Roofing Maintenance Checklist


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Part of the homeowner’s care and upkeep involves ensuring the roof is always in excellent condition. Regardless of the roof type, maintenance can be relatively straightforward and simple when enlisting the assistance of professional roofing contractors for preventive maintenance inspections.

When hiring a trusted, well-qualified roofing company to thoroughly check the structure at least once each year, homeowners can avoid expensive repairs and extend the roof’s life. The objective is to take care of minor problems as they pop up and secure the structure to withstand harsh conditions.

In between inspections, basic upkeep will provide further peace of mind. The roofer will instruct on simple tips and tricks, albeit essential to ensure longevity. Consider these tasks meant to keep your roof as a functional component of your household.

What’s Involved In Your Roofing Maintenance Checklist

As a homeowner, it’s critical to be able to maintain your roof in between the roofing company’s preventive maintenance inspections. These are usually done approximately once each year. 

The rest of the months, there are simple though critical tasks that will assist with extending the structure’s lifespan alongside the roofer’s services. 

The professional will ensure any minor structural issues are corrected, so these don’t develop further and will ensure the material is secure to withstand abuses and rough conditions. 

The expert will further advise of extensive repairs or the need for a replacement when the time comes and instruct on the straightforward care you’ll need to implement. Go here for details on extending the life of your roofing structure, and then follow these tips for maintenance.

Any trees surrounding the house need the branches trimmed away from the roof

Suppose you have tree branches extending to the home. In that case, these must be routinely trimmed away from the structure as a safety measure, particularly in zones with heavy storms and dangerous winds. These limbs can wreak havoc when allowed to strike the roof freely.

If you believe the tree limbs are expanding too close to the household, these should likely be trimmed back. If a tree is sitting dangerously close to the house, you might consider relocating it. 

While the expense can be considerable, the investment is a wise one when factoring in the hazards if a considerably harsh storm or a natural disaster were to occur, possibly toppling the tree over.

The debris on the roof, including strewn leaves, needs to be removed

Protecting your property from damage involves eliminating any debris or fallen leaves that land on the roof. This disallows the potential for moss or mildew and mold. By staying on top of this care, structural damage can be avoided, and the structure’s integrity can be preserved.

Suppose you’re not keen on hopping on the roof to take care of the debris, especially if there’s a second floor, instead of neglecting the area. In that case, it’s wise to reach out to a close friend or family member willing to help with the household chore or even contact a roofer for the maintenance task.

Roofing Maintenance Checklist 2

Inspections should be done after a heavy storm

While preventive maintenance inspections are typically done once each year, a roofer should check the structure after a heavy storm or natural disaster to ensure the integrity is intact. Flying debris from neighboring yards, the surrounding landscape, or the countryside can create damage.

The roofer will be able to re-secure any shingles that might have popped, replace any lost, and repair damages that have occurred. You’ll need to check with homeowners to see what, if any, of the damages will be covered through your carrier, especially if there are any significant issues.

The attic should also be checked carefully for weak shingles and potential water damage. Left unattended, these can potentially lead to major problems down the road and significant expenses.

Final Thought

The appearance of algae and moss on the rooftop is not only unattractive, but it can be damaging. This generally happens over the summer, but the expert roofing contractors will have preventive products that sanitize and protect the surface from recurrences.

A priority in preventing fungi from developing is ensuring that debris, including leaves, twigs, and other particles, doesn’t settle on the roof. You can attempt to keep leaves away from the roof by ensuring closeby tree branches are consistently trimmed well out of reach of the house. 

Roof maintenance can be relatively simple and straightforward with the assistance of a professional, reputed, and qualified roofing company handling preventive maintenance inspections and other routine repairs and checkups. 

Roofers aim to ensure the structure’s integrity is always intact to withstand abuses and harsh conditions, including heavy storms and the potential for natural disasters. 

These professionals will offer their guidance in helping you with the tasks to handle in between service calls for optimum functionality of the structure and an extended lifespan.

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