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Do White Vegetables Have Health Benefits?

Do White Vegetables Have Health Benefits?

White vegetables are an integral part of every colorful diet. When doctors say “Eat a colorful diet”, people tend to forget they’re also referring to white veggies. Nutritious-rich white vegetables such as cauliflower, onions, turnips, mushrooms, endives, celery root, and even white potatoes are healthy and make an addition to every colorful diet.

White vegetables can be integrated with greens and make a great addition to every nutritious meal. The main advantage of white vegetables is that you can get them fresh during the winter season when other colorful produce tends to be expensive, but they are still an affordable produce. Depending on where you live, white vegetables should be the best way to source healthy produce at the farmer’s market during the winter months.

Studies On White Vegetable Health Benefits

What do the studies say: Are white vegetables healthy? The biggest study conducted on the matter was published here. The study indicated that white vegetables can produce the same compounds that boost health as other brightly colored produce. The study analyzed how humans react to white vegetables and concluded that they’re an excellent source of phytonutrients (natural chemicals), vitamins, and minerals.

Mushrooms are the healthiest variety of white vegetables due to their high vitamin D content which can improve the functioning of the heart. Cauliflower is overflowing with vitamins and minerals and belongs to the same brassica family as the healthiest greens – broccoli and kale. White vegetables contain cancer-fighting natural plant chemicals that also help with the functioning of the heart, as we learned from

White Vegetables

  • Lower Cholesterol

According to this study, white vegetables can help lower cholesterol. If you’re struggling with cholesterol, veggies such as garlic and onions contain “allyl sulfides” which are key components required to decrease the cholesterol chemicals flowing in the body. The best white vegetables for fighting cholesterol are wheat germ mixed with potatoes and potato gratins mixed with onions.

  • Anti-Cancer Properties

White vegetables help prevent cancer because they contain natural antioxidants that help in preventing the spread of cancers such as colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. The best white veggies for preventing cancer are crispy cauliflower. To make the most out of the meal, mix it with raisins and virgin olive oil.

  • Heart Functioning

White vegetables can have an effect on the heart and this is an excellent remedy for people with heart issues who want to protect their hearts. Garlic is a white vegetable that contains a high amount of diallyl trisulfide which hospitals use to treat heart failure and feed patients after heart surgery. Garlic also goes great with everything from pasta to steak. Garlic can also be integrated into healthy meatballs which give the body a lot of nutritional value in a single meal.

  • Improve Bone Strength

Bone strength is something people worry about as they reach old age and experience bone loss. If you’re suffering from bone loss or experienced an accident, white vegetables can help aid recovery. According to this study, onion consumption was associated with helping women prevent hip fractures after they reach menopause.


Top 5 White Vegetables To Consume

Cauliflower. Cauliflower belongs to the cruciferous vegetable group which includes broccoli and kale – the two most nutritious foods on earth. Cauliflower contains a high amount of glucosinolates which are chemicals that serve as a safeguard against the spread of cancer in the body.

Mushrooms. The healthiest mushrooms are oysters, maitakes, and enokis. These have natural anti-cancer benefits and their vitamins can boost the immune system. Oyster mushrooms are the healthiest white mushrooms and can also have an impact on reducing the toxicity in the liver and kidneys.

Garlic. Garlic contains antioxidant properties that can provide a boost to the immune system. There is a chemical called allicin in garlic which is directly linked with improvements in hair growth, immune system, and acne reduction. Garlic tastes great and it can be integrated with many other meals such as grills and steak.

Onions. Arguably healthier than garlic, onions can be beneficial for the immune system. Garlic has a chemical called quercetin which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body. The largest study on white vegetables concluded that garlic can help with the reduction of arthritis/bone pain, including lower the risk of heart disease and cancer. To have a strong immune system, make sure to include garlic in your meals as often as possible.

Potatoes. Who would have thought potatoes can be healthy? White potatoes are essential for two key reasons: Potassium and fiber. Studies indicate that nearly 98% of all Americans lack a daily potassium intake. Potassium is overflowing in white potatoes and it also provides a lot of fiber which is why it’s a favorite among body-builders. The average baked potato only has 160 calories but contains nearly 900 mg of potassium. For comparison, a banana provides 400 mg of potassium. Potatoes are also an excellent source of vitamin C and magnesium.

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