Do Ground Protection Mats Work Better Than Other Lawn Protectors?


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With fall and winter on the way, we can expect more rainy days and less beach-weather temperatures in the next few months. Wet weather can pose challenges, like leading to falling accidents, parking issues at an outdoor event and even cause your Bobcat breaking down. If you’re working outdoors on your next big home project, you’ll need a ground guard on hand to beat the rainy and snowy weather conditions. 

Traditionally, homeowners have used plywood, metal sheets, timber mats, mulch and gravel to protect their lawns. Though, Ground Protection Mats are quickly proving that they’re superior to other solutions. In this blog, consider these ground protectors for your next home renovation and decide what method works best for you.  

Here Are Some Traditional Methods of Lawn Protection

  • Plywood Sheets

Long before Ground Protection Mats hit the construction and landscaping scene, Plywood was the go-to ground protector. History even dictates that they were used during Ancient Egyptian times for sarcophagi.Today, they’re primarily used for boat building and more importantly, lawn protection. 

While inexpensive and lightweight, using Plywood poses several challenges for a homeowner. One of the biggest complaints about Plywood is that it breaks down right at the start of water damage. They’re even susceptible to deterioration, rotting and even invasive insect species. Hence the reason why it’s often referred to as a “throw away product.” This factors into replacement cost, which can increase over time after replacing so many sheets. At the end of the day, you want a product that’s long lasting. 

Not only that, but also one that’s durable to handle the weight of your machinery. Unfortunately, plywood has varying load capacities depending on what type you order and usage. Chances are your plywood won’t be able to support the weight of your Bobcat, and they may break under extreme pressure.  

  • Metal Sheets

As mentioned before, Metal Sheets are another surface protection mat to consider using during your next DIY project. Much like Plywood and Ground Protection Mats, Metal Sheets are often seen at construction sites. Metal Sheets are frequently used at outdoor music festivals and sporting events as well, serving as durable and secure walkways for attendees. In a home setting, they’re great at handling the weight of your large and heavy machinery for home projects.  

It’s the main reason why they’re often preferred over Plywood. Apparently, Metal Sheets last longer and have better durability. Not only that, but they provide an access way over water crossings. 

Though, the downside to using these metal platforms is that in wet or snowy conditions, they could feel cold to the touch. Should a layer of ice develop along its surface, you could potentially hurt yourself while working. 

Metal is also a conductor of electricity, which means you could electrocute yourself. Unlike HDPE Ground Protection Mats, these sheets also aren’t as flexible and easy to install. Depending on the type of home remodeling you’re doing, they might not even be suitable for the job. While durable and boasting with tons of strength, Metal Sheets have questionable qualities.   

  • Gravel & Mulch

Gravel and Mulch have some aspects that could be beneficial to the health of your lawn as well. While completing your at-home project, you can also keep your new garden bed safe by using these ground guards. In temporary situations, gravel and mulch can do everything from being an inexpensive option for your driveway, improving drainage in areas where there’s waterlogging and regulating soil temperatures during extreme weather changes. 

On the other hand, gravel and mulch could pose some issues that might affect your lawn care. For instance, they could cause decomposition, fungal growth and even be uncomfortable to walk along. Also, gravel doesn’t come cheap and requires tons of maintenance to help with leveling and displacement issues. While these are only temporary solutions, you still want to consider all the possibilities with gravel and mulch.

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How To Use Ground Protection Mats In Modern Situations

These traditional methods are still used by some homeowners today. Though, Ground Protection Mats have become the gold standard. Having been used in just about every job known to man, these heavy-duty mats come very versatile. They can be used to establish a secure walkway, protect your heavy machinery and prevent your landscaping from being destroyed by heavy equipment. Their polyethylene construction even allows them to withstand a 60 ton crane. It’s no wonder they’re referred to as “ground protection mats for heavy equipment.”

As mentioned earlier, Plywood and Metal Sheets lack both durability and the flexibility to complete a job. Even in the case of mulch and gravel, Ground Protection Mats are a much more stable and comfortable platform to traverse along. During a long home renovation, you want to work in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Here at Mytee Products, our industrial ground protection mats are made with safety in mind. Our mats, such as the 3ft x 8ft tan model, created stable pathways for outdoor events and evenly distributes the weight of your heavy machinery over the ground at a construction site. Equally important, our mats will protect your lawn from soil erosion and compaction. Here are a few real-life examples of how these mats are used in various settings: 

  • On a Construction Site: One case study showed that a ground protection company based in the UK received a request from a construction team to use their new mats. The client worked on a housing building site, constructing new homes. The company’s product helped the construction crew complete their job in a fast and efficient manner. In fact, the client offered a dazzling review, “impressed at how well the mats performed over uneven ground to create a safe and pleasant walkway.” 
  • At A Sporting Event: In another study, the same UK-based company was contacted by another contractor for the installation of new seating at The Emerald Headingley Stadium in England. A crane with a load capacity of 90 tons was needed to complete the installation. To avoid high cost and damage to the stadium’s turf, the client opted to use Ground Guards’ Maxi Track for the project. The mat didn’t break under the weight of the heavy machinery and could easily be moved by two workers. Most importantly, the job was done without so much as a scratch to the stadium’s turf. The project was a success in the end. 
  • Everyday Life: Our company, Mytee Products, even has an example of just how useful a Ground Protection Mat can be in daily life. One of our customers frequently makes a purchase from our large selection of Ground Protection Mats that we have for sale. The client often uses them to place his motorcycle on. Clearly, the mat is strong enough to support the weight of the motorcycle. It just goes to show how strong these mats truly are.   

A Side-By-Side Comparison

Ground Protection Mats Plywood Metal Sheets Mulch/Gravel
Flexibility Inexpensive Expensive Improves drainage
Last 10 years or more Low durability Constant repair work Retains moisture
Protects Ecosystems Constantly replaced Prone to electricity Fungal growth
Easy To Install Slippery in wet conditions Not flexible Uneven walkway
expensive Damages lawn Damages lawn Expensive

As the table above shows, Ground Protection Mats are more reliable than other methods of ground guards. Though the upfront cost may be on the pricey side, these mats are worth the extra dollars. They have a long-lasting quality, can hold up to 80 tons or more, provide traction and help protect your lawn during DIY projects. 

A Closer Look At Cost

Ultimately, traditional methods of lawn protection will cost more than Ground Protection Mats. Constantly doing repair work and buying replacements increases the overall cost. To go into specifics, plywood could potentially break on any job. You’ll probably have to buy a replacement several times throughout the year. Similarly, Metal Sheets must be constantly maintained and repaired since they’re prone to corrosion from working in harsh environments.

On the other hand, Ground Protection Mats for sale cost significantly less as they require minimal maintenance and replacements. The initial cost might hurt your wallet for a minute but in the long run, it’ll make for a good investment. Using mats from companies like Mytee Products can make your home renovation all more easier.  

Getting The Job Done

Homeowners like you want products that’ll make their home renovations and landscaping work feel like a breeze. Arguably, Ground Protection Mats make for the best possible solution toward protecting your lawn while you work. They’re reliable, cost-effective and were designed with safety in mind. Though, you might want to consider other options like Plywood or Metal Sheets. It all comes down to which ground guard will help you get the job done.

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