DIY Tips: How To Repair a Sliding Door?


As a homeowner, you should always pay attention to the appearance and functionality of your home. All of the money you’ve spent in buying a home will be useless if you don’t exert any effort in taking care of your investment. 

A poorly-maintained home can leave a negative impression about your personality and possibly shoo away potential homebuyers if you plan on selling your property in the future. Make sure that any of these don’t happen by knowing how to repair your sliding door.

The sliding door that goes out to your back deck is something that you have to keep in good condition because you never know when it could stop working. These are impossible doors to open when they are broken, and you do not want to end up in a situation where you just cannot get it open. You must plan to have someone come see you right away, and all the things listed below could be going on with that door.

1. The Track

Sliding Door Track
The track for your door could easily get bent or out of alignment if you are not careful with it, and that should be your first guess when you realize that something is wrong with the door. You can pretty easily keep your door in good condition if you have a good track, and you must check for obstructions on the track before you go out of your way to get a repair.

You should also check the sliding door rollers and ensure that these are aligned with the track. The rollers play an important role in how your sliding door functions. Broken or missing rollers can become the reason why your sliding door won’t open or close properly.

2. The Handle

Sliding Door Handle
The handle itself might not be fastened to the door in the right way, and it will be very hard for you to open the door because you do not have the leverage that you require. This means that you cannot pull on the door like you want, and it could break in the process. Yanking the handle off by accident could cause you to break the glass, and you will find out too late if you are not careful. Any jiggling from the handle is not acceptable.

If you suspect that the handles are damaged, carefully check the severity of the problem and make sure that you repair it with caution. Fixing door handles will require different tools, and when not done properly, can only result in more damages.

3. The Frame

Sliding Door Frame
The frame on your door can get bent just as easily as the frame, and you must look into the frame when you think it is catching on the track. You could solve a lot of your problems by fixing the frame, and you must be certain that it is not pointing the wrong direction when you are pulling on the door.

This problem often happens if you have been using an old sliding door for years. Depending on the material used, the frame of your sliding door can eventually become weak and lose the strength to support the mechanisms of your sliding door.

4. The Secondary Door

Your sliding door often has another glass panel that makes it all look like two big windows, and you must be certain that you have had that door lined up so that you do not have them catching on each other. You must have the secondary door removed when you want to have a wood panel, and this might work better in certain places because you do not have to worry about maintaining the second glass door.

Damage from the secondary door can be tough to repair, so spend some time to read several articles and videos online. These resources can give you a better idea of how to repair your sliding door and ensure that your DIY solutions do not worsen the problem.

5. The Lock

Sliding Door Lock
You must have the lock maintained in a way that prevents it from sticking, and you must see if you can have the lock replaced separate from the handle. The lock might stick because it is old, and they often break down over time because of how they are made. This one little thing could make the door work much better.

Aside from using your sliding door again, repairing its lock is important to ensure the safety of your home. This is especially important if your sliding doors are installed in your entryways. Continually using a sliding door with damaged locks can make you susceptible to theft and other crimes.

In Conclusion

Positive Security do sliding door repairs too. You can have them come out right away to get the sliding door back into the right condition, and you must be certain that you have the door fixed before it becomes a real security risk. You should have something done to the door before you start using it all summer, and you must be sensitive to pow it operates the next time you open it.

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