DIY Roof Replacement vs Professional Roofing Replacement


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Nowadays, you can ‘DIY’ just about anything simply by learning from YouTube videos or any other sources. But how well can you replace your roof by yourself? What do you need to take absolute care of while replacing your roof yourself? Is it better to hire a professional roofing replacement service than going DIY mode on your roof? Let us find out.

DIY Roof Replacement – Factors To Consider

To save money or as a pastime, repairing or replacing your roof must not be taken lightly to any extent. Your roof not only protects you from rain, snow, and the sun, but also keeps other factors like dried leaves, dust, debris, insects, etc. out of your home. 

If you notice that your roof needs mending or replacing, chew over each factor below before you entertain the idea completely. But it doesn’t hurt to have a quick look either.

  • Evaluate where the roof is damaged and to what extent. 
  • You can also replace a small patch of shingles but larger replacements need to be thought thoroughly through
  • Try to get parts that match the existing ones and make sure you will get warranties for them.
  • Gather necessary tools, parts, and materials before getting started. 
  • Be in the know about the stuff, manpower, and skills you will need beforehand. 
  • Move everything out of the way, and underneath the part you are working on. You don’t want to damage any of your stuff.
  • Attempt to fix your roof by yourself only if the problem is at a place you can reach or stay properly and safely.

Now let’s compare the nuances of DIY Roof Replacement with Professional Roofing Replacement options in under 5 minutes:

Tools, equipment, and their components

For any work that involves moil and toil, you will need the right set of tools, measuring devices, calibration devices, drills and other machinery, and components that allow a wide range of operations. While a professional roofing repair and replacement may have all that at hand, you may need to gather them by buying yourself or borrowing or renting from someone. And these power tools can be pretty expensive too.


Again, gather all you need beforehand. The materials to work with need to match the ones used on your roof already or at least the aesthetic of the house as a whole. Select products that provide warranties as well.

Not only will a professional roofing expert have most of the materials needed in their storage house or know where to get the best supplies, but they would also know how well they blend together as per both aesthetics and technicalities. Roofing service companies may also get better manufacturer’s warranty options for bulk products than you can get for smaller quantities of products. 

Service warranty

The additional perk of hiring professional roofing companies like Iron Shield Roofing is that they provide warrantied services to you. You are missing out on this assurance if you install your home’s roof yourself. 


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Before beginning your roofing repair or replacement work, form an impression of how many people you might need to get the job done and ensure safety. Gather your family or friends to lend you a hand and hand you stuff when needed. You will need active and interested volunteers and not passive, not-so-interested bystanders. 

And no, children will not do, no matter how ready they are to help, or how well-composed they are by nature. They usually are distracted easily, all the more when it is a boring part to play. It is also dangerous to have them around tools and window panes, or on roofs and roof edges. Children also do not know what they are signing up for, which makes them bad volunteers for these kinds of jobs.

In short, unwilling volunteers for roof works is a cliff-hanging situation that will leave a cloud hanging over you for long!   

Professional service agencies, of course, will employ the best, well-trained, and passionate workmen who know their part and enjoy their work to the fullest. 

Skill, knowledge, and experience

Let’s be honest as we can be here – roof mending and replacement is risky business in terms of your safety. Do not entrust all these risk factors in the hands of a layman, even if it is you. Unless you are really confident about your skill at handling repair work and can gather the necessary knowledge, tools, and materials, it’s beneficial to let the pros do the job for you.

To sum it up

Trying to get minor repairs done is alright, if you are careful about the factors discussed before, but it is recommended that you avoid trying to replace a large portion of your roof and reach out to trained professionals for bigger roofing-related needs.    

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