DIY Repair of Pier and Beam Foundation

Repairing the foundation is a crucial task that every homeowner undertakes. However, if you are planning to opt for pier and beam foundation repair, it is much easier in comparison to a concrete foundation that you plan to repair or remodel.

Also, the cost of fixing pier and beam foundations is lower, cost-effective, and affordable. Moreover, the fact that this work requires few workers for the work allows you to save a lot on labor too. In this article, let us find out more about the same under the following sub-topics, namely,

  1. Pier and beam foundation – Understanding the basics
  2. Why do problems arise in the structure?
  3. What are the different repair procedures available?

Let us take one sub-topic at a time in the paragraphs that follow.

Pier and beam foundation – Understanding the basics

Pier and beam foundation – Understanding the basics

Pier and beam foundation is the conventional method which is used for residential premises and is equally durable in comparison to concrete foundations. One of the main benefits of having such an arrangement is that it offers enough ‘crawlspace’ for homeowners and allows for better maintenance too.
The crawlspace available is useful as it can be made usefor placing or positioning plumbing connections and offers ample room for carrying out repair work as well. Also, these are the spaces where the centralized heating system installation takes place.

Why do problems arise in the structure?

If you have a pier and beam foundation, it is imperative that you are well aware of the problems that arise from this type of arrangement. Given below are a few reasons that cause problems with this type of structure-

  • The underlying soil-Moisture plays an instrumental role in causing cracks and crevices. And this happens seasonally. If the underlying soil has beds where the content of clay is more, then there is likely to be seepage. This leads to an uneven foundation, as there is an expansion of soil.
  • When the construction is faulty-If you are using cedar piers for pier and beam foundations, it likely restricts footing. The greater and broader the surface area of footing, greater is the stronghold. Eventually, with cyclical rotting and compression of the cedar piers, there is stress in the flooring, and it tends to sink.

What are the different repair procedures available?

what are the different repair procedures available
Repairing pier and beam foundations are easy, and you can get good results if you adopt any one of the following methods below-

  • Drainage- As mentioned above, due to faulty construction, there might be seepage which arises due to improper drainage. Also, over the years, the moisture that the soil holds prevents proper ventilation, which prevents it from drying up. So, make sure that the drainage channels are proper.
  • Make the foundation stronger –Using a sonotube can make sense. These are basically concrete structures and hollow columns. They are most commonly used in age-old foundations so that the slopes become even. It also improves the durability of the structure.

    Aside from the above, you can consult a professional to get optimum results. This is because they might suggest other methods that will suit your requirement and also your budget.

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