DIY Home Repair Guide

There is nothing more exciting and satisfying to a homeowner when they see the house improving. Many people would rather have these improvements done themselves to save them any additional fees for manual labor. Getting to that level of Do It Yourself home improvement accomplishment requires a lot of time and patience and a healthy dollop of research.

The most straightforward DIY project you can start as a first-timer would be painting. Choosing the color of the paint and painting the walls is one of the more manageable tasks that a first-time homeowner can take on. It would not require any professional trade skills like electrical or plumbing work or even welding. The painting would also not need you to have specialized tools. Only a paintbrush and paint, then you are good to go.

One more DIY project that you can look into is landscaping. Who wouldn’t want to have a garden or backyard where the grass is greener, right? If you do have some dirt lying around and some plants to arrange, then you are on your ways.

But what if the DIY Project you are thinking of includes welding? There are many projects and things you can come up with, but the question is, how and where would you start?

Cromweld, a blog that is dedicated to welding, can help you start that welding project that might be hanging in your backyard for a long time now. According to Gregory, who runs Cromweld, he has been welding all of his adult life and loved it. Maybe that welding project in your house can be your first step to loving welding as well.

Before starting that welding project, here are some of the things that you might find useful with starting that very own welding project of yours.

Know the basics and the fundamentals of welding


Some people see welding as a simple process of heating two pieces of metal to the point at which they melt and connect. The molten metals then combine and become one when the molten metals solidify and harden. Choose some beginner reading materials, and they can be available for free on the internet.

Know The Different Methods of Welding and Choose What To Learn First

Always remember one general rule in welding. There is no single method of welding that is best for all applications. It is better for you to know more and understand what kind of methods you are going to use ad what kind of projects you are planning to work on.

Always Protect Your Eyes

Never weld without any protection, especially for your eyes. Without a helmet, never look directly at the welding arc. Make sure to purchase a quality welding helmet always to protect yourself from any accidents. You can choose to start with an excellent auto-darkening helmet with an adjustable shade feature. A good helmet might last you for years.

Get a Mentor

If there are any seminars or courses available in your area, do not miss the chance to enroll yourself and get acquainted with people who know and have experience with welding. If you can not find a mentor, there are other ways of you getting the knowledge. Nowadays, self-help courses that are available online are also free of charge.

Practice and Experience

Nothing teaches us better than our very own experience, right? Always practice and see yourself get used to the methods of welding, and who knows, in no time, maybe you will be creating welding projects that will even surprise you.


Welding is an art and can also be a livelihood for some. Try to familiarize yourself with things about welding, and you will be on your way to creating astonishing projects. Welding is a never-ending challenge to learn new things and improve your creativity and skills.

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