Direct-to-Consumer Brands for Wellness That Might Interest You


Consumer Brands for Wellness

The global wellness industry is growing at lightning speed, with more and more brands shifting focus towards the expectations of modern consumers. The great news for entrepreneurs is that nowadays every D2C company can grab its piece of the rapidly evolving wellness market and significantly boost growth and revenues. But is the ever-increasing number of businesses that claim they are wellness-oriented good news for consumers? Do they really offer clients all the benefits they are intended to provide or the whole plot is just part of the marketing strategy?

Well, not all companies are the same, which is also true when it comes to brands that promote wellness. However, some of them are truly devoted to the idea of helping people practice healthy habits and enjoy a more fulfilling life through the products or services they offer. Here you have it: direct-to-consumer brands for wellness that might interest you because they do support your healthy choices in the best possible way.


We live in the era of state-of-the-art technologies, therefore it feels appropriate to start with a tech brand, all the more so, Whoop’s value exceeds a whopping $1.2 billion. This company doesn’t only live up to its name but also to consumers’ expectations, providing users with 24/7 healthcare IT monitoring. Naturally, it’s far from being the only digital life coach on the market, however, when you compare wellness brands that offer similar wearable products, you’ll see why Whoop stands out from the crowd. In short, it keeps an eye on your body functions round-the-clock whatever you do: workout in the gym, walk in the park, sleep, or just relax doing nothing.

Forme Life

We bet you’ve heard of Forme Life, a ground-breaking embodiment of the idea of personal fitness. A wide variety of individual programs are brought directly to your home – just turn on the machine and your personal interactive instructor will guide you through every exercise and motion on your road to success. The experience is really fascinating thanks to advanced 3D motion tracking technology that not only provides expert guidance on form and technique but also adds an extra layer of safety. So, just choose a program that caters to your needs and embark on that exciting journey to your perfect body.


Wellness is all about an active lifestyle, and the latter is not possible without activewear. Launched by stunning Hollywood star Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a unique line of activewear that is fashionable, comfortable, and, what’s most important, affordable. Kate owns one of the most perfectly toned bodies among the dwellers of the movie capital, therefore, rest assured, she knows what kind of wear you need to reach your dream body.

Made In

Consumer Brands for Wellness1

As the famous saying goes We are what we eat, and what we eat heavily depends on how we prepare food. Founded in 2016, Made In is a relatively young brand but its high quality is already widely recognized. Made In offers a broad assortment of cookware made of top-quality stainless steel used by those swanky world-famous companies. Made In takes special pride in their non-stick frying pans manufactured in the United States and gladly used by Michelin-star chefs. They also have a great collection of knives, again at affordable prices able to suit every pocket.


Stress is the major trigger for an array of various diseases and health problems, with anxiety and depression seen more often than ever before. Brightside offers a pretty holistic solution for people who cannot fight the two aforementioned conditions on their own. Their programs include the right medication, a personal therapist, which is in your pocket whenever and wherever you are, and, of course, a clinically proven custom-build plan for your treatment. Everything starts with a free assessment, so you can share your worries and goals, as well as ask all the questions you have about the therapy.


Do you sleep well? Is your sleep routine really healthy? Chances are, it leaves much to be desired but sometimes, it is hard to optimize that important part of a healthy lifestyle on your own. The creators of Dodow swear that their innovative device can make people fall asleep within just 8 (!) minutes – can you think of a better way to battle insomnia? The secret is in the breathing technique based on the light, which re-balances the autonomic nervous system, relaxing both mind and body.

With more and more D2C brands that strive to incorporate wellness into their growth strategy, it can be overwhelming to tell a worthy product from a sales pitch. All brands mentioned in this article have already managed to win the hearts of consumers, and who knows, some of them can become your next favorites.

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