Dining Room Design Ideas for Large Families

The dining room is that one place in a house where the entire family should come together for at least one meal every day. If you have a particularly big family though, you might need to make a few adjustments so that everyone can sit together comfortably, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make your dining room look even better while you are at it!

The U-Shaped Sectional

U-Shaped Sectional

U-shaped sectional seating is actually used in restaurants to cater for large groups and there is absolutely no reason as to why you cannot adopt the same system in your own home as well. The connected seating creates a sense of closeness, without sacrificing on comfort. Just make sure the table is of the right size so that everyone can reach it comfortably from their seats.

Sectionals in General

Sectionals in General
If you like the concept of the sectional seating but would rather have more freedom of movement in the seating arrangement than the closed U-shape allows for, check out the following excellent sectional seating concepts that are perfect for large families.

Put in an L-shaped sectional sofa, complemented by three wooden chairs on the open side.

Arrange three triple sofas without letting them touch each other to create an unconnected U-shaped sectional.

Put two double sofas in front of each other and flank them on one side with a large wall/window seater that should be able to accommodate at least four people comfortably.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match
Sometimes, when you want multiple people to sit and spend some time together, it’s best for both the sake of comfort and décor to mix and match a bit. For example, you can put a triple sofa/sectional sofa, a booth, three – four single chairs and a few ottomans together for a varied sitting arrangement that has something for everyone.

The Classic Round Restaurant Table

The Classic Round Restaurant Table
This is the classic round table-and-chair arrangement that was at home in the early days when everyone had a big family but not every home had enough room to fit in a giant rectangular table into the dining room. Choose a wooden tabletop, along with complementing wooden chairs to complete the look. Check your options out with a restaurant furniture supply because that’s usually the kind of place where you are more likely to find all the professional-grade, long lasting furniture at a reasonable rate. Along with instantly giving any dining room a classic feel, the round table has a way of making families come closer together during meals like no other seating arrangement can.

The Classic Boardroom Table Arrangement

Classic Boardroom Table Arrangement
This is the one where the head of the family sits on either of the two shorter sides of the table and it still works flawlessly in a dining room that’s large enough and has the décor for it. While a classic wooden theme would be nice, that isn’t your only option anymore. For a more contemporary look, couple a polished wooden table with all white chairs. This works best if the walls are white as well, but alternately, you can just match the color of the chairs with that of the walls too.

There’s just so much more to explore here if you want to, so do feel free to check out some designs online and by visiting stores before coming to your final decision.

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