Dining Room Decor: Your Complete Guide to Transforming Your Dining Room


Dining Room Decor

Whether you are looking to sell your house or simply make your dining room more inviting, it is essential to find the right dining room decor that will match the theme of your house.
Did you know that you have 8-15 seconds to make your first impression? This means that from showing potential buyers to hosting dinner parties for your guests, you have to make sure your dining room feels inviting and not awkward.

Dining rooms are usually the center for entertaining, it is a place to sit and be social, enjoy a nice meal and connect with the people you love. This means that your dining room should feel comfortable and welcoming.

The problem is if you are not an interior designer, how do you know the best dining room decor to use?

Keep on reading to learn about the best dining room decor to transform your dining room into an entertaining wonderland.

Add Some Color

The colors that you decide on for your dining room decor will set the overall tone for the room, so make sure it matches with the energy you are wanting to portray or else the feel will be off from your original intention.
Add Some ColorAdd Some Color
Beige, brown, grey, white, and ivory are wonderful neutral colors to use if you are wanting a relaxed atmosphere and traditional look.

If you are more of an entertaining dinner host, perhaps you should play with more colors such as a bold red, blue, green, or anything non-neutral. This will add a bit of playfulness to your theme. A great way to do this is to add some bold colored drapes.

Play with Texture

In addition to playing with some colors, try adding some dining room decor with different textures. Mix it up between linens, velvet, even fur on the dining room chairs.

Underneath the table, you could place a faux fur rug and even a textured table cloth to keep it different.

Decorate the Walls

Find a piece of dining room wall decor that really speaks out to you, perhaps you could get something that pin-points a pivotal moment in your life, or even something with a nice memory like traveling.
As long as it matches your overall theme, try to have fun with your wall art! This is your way of creative self-expression.

On the contrary, if you are selling your house, do not stage it with something very personal, which could stray the potential buyers from feeling like it could be their space too.

Welcome Minimalism

Dining room decor is supposed to be accents added to the room, such as conversation pieces. A nice candle in the middle with some decorative placemats and some nice dishes will make any dining room table feel inviting.

However, if you have those placemats, candles, and dishes along with picture frames, napkin holders, vases, flowers, and other decorative accents, the room will start to feel too busy. It is a proven fact that too much clutter can affect your brain and your overall well-being.

Keep It Balanced

While it is fun to play with all sorts of textures, colors, and prints, keep in mind that too much can cause overwhelming energy in the room. Keep with one theme and go with that. You can always change it up again in the future, or add some exciting colors into some other rooms of the house.

Use the Right Lighting

Use the Right Lighting
Nothing sets the ambiance of the room better than the right lighting. Find some lighting options that enable you to change up the intensity of the brightness for any occasion and mood.

A great idea for this is to layer your lighting with different options such as overhead, floor lamps, windows, and candles. Choose fixtures and bulbs that are between 200 and 400 watts, and opt for a light switch that has a dimmer option.

If you have a giant dining room, you have much more room to play with, this is a perfect place to invest in a large chandelier that has multiple lighting options.

Use the Right Furniture for the Room

The most important part of your entire dining room is the furniture, it is the focus piece that most people notice right away because that is where they will see themselves eating on.

If your dining room furniture does not match the space, it will feel uncomfortable and awkward. For example, if you have a small room, you have to make sure someone can exit the table without feeling squished against the wall. Otherwise, you will have to get a smaller table.

As for the chairs, Little Tulip has the most comfortable chairs that will go with just about every single dining room theme. They are a perfect size for any room and come in beautiful accented colors.

Mix and Match Antiques

There is something special about antiques that let you get away with so much more when it comes to matching your dining room decor.

Typically, you would want all of your chairs to match with your table and have your accents to match that too. For some reason with antiques, you could have about 6 mismatching chairs, an old piece of wall art, and a vintage floor lamp and it will all look incredible together.

If you want to mix and match your accents, try using some antique dining room decor so you can easily get away with it!

Learn More Fun Dining Room Decor Ideas

Learn More Fun Dining Room Decor Ideas
No matter what room in the house you are transforming, it is always important to switch it up and try something new and exciting. Remember to take your time when shopping for the right dining room decor, as you could change your mind multiple times along the way.

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