Digital Marketing Tips For Your 21st Century Business

Managing a business in the 21st century is exciting. There’s more technology at our fingertips than ever before, giving your business opportunities it may not have had just a decade ago.

When considering your digital marketing efforts, there’s lots to uncover. If you’re looking for new ways to refine your digital approach to marketing your products/services, you’re in the right place.

Take a moment to read through this brief summary, featuring some digital marketing tips for your 21st century business. Consider where you might be able to tighten up your organization’s approach to online marketing.

Get specific with your SEO decisions


You want your SEO to be driven towards your industry of operation. If you run a real estate operation, you need SEO tactics relevant to your specific business.

Sometimes it helps to use outside sources, but using outside SEO help when networking only goes so far. It’s best to do some of the footwork on your own.

Always build mobile-friendly content

The influence of today’s mobile devices is clear when you consider the most popular ways people access the internet. Mobile access to the web is now the most popular form of access to the internet.

It’s important to create digital content that is easy to explore, no matter what type of device is being used to access the pages. Create content that will fit any size screen. Look into what adding media queries to your coding can do for your mobile optimization.

Backlinking helps to build credibility

Building digital content that sells itself to Google’s search algorithms is necessary, but building backlinks leading back to that content is also important. Backlinks are the way Google sees that web users trust your information to be useful and credible.

Do the research necessary to find out how your business can build a more convincing web of backlinks to their digital content, and upgrade your marketing efficacy online.

Build quality content collections

Quality and quantity are important when you’re working to refine your digital marketing efforts. You need plenty of opportunities for web users to find your content, so the more you distribute the better.

However, the content needs to be of quality. Start a business blog, and add new posts regularly. Make sure your post topics that are relevant to your industry of operation, and spruce up your posts with sharing icons and comment boxes.

Social media is a digital hotspot

Social media is one of your most powerful visibility tools online. Add sharing icons to all of your content, and set up a profile on a few different social media platforms to spread your digital presence across a wider range of viewers.

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