Digital Marketing Tips For Roofers

Are you a roofing contractor and you are finding it difficult to have clients? You are probably just starting out and it is looking seemingly difficult to attract clients to your brand. It is totally normal, don’t let that setback make you quit. There is probably something you aren’t doing right that needs to be revisited and corrected. In this age and time, everything has gone digital, even business that is into toothpick production or retailing are employing different digital marketing tips to gain online visibility and build their customer base in the long run. If you are a budding roofing contractor that is looking to enter the market properly, discussed in this article are some of the digital marketing tips for roofers endorsed by Roofing Marketing Pros that will give your roofing business the boost it deserves.

(1)Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

What’s better than an automated means – enhanced with algorithms – to help you get to clients. I would say, nothing. Social media advertising helps to make your story travel fast to the people in need of hearing it. In essence, social media advertising is targeted to get you to your online customer base with no hassle. One of such paid social media advertising available is Facebook Advertising. The good thing about Facebook Advertising is that, it is very affordable and has a higher prospect of converting traffic to leads within a short period of time.

You can make your advertising timely; timely in the sense that you initiate it when the weather apps reveal that there is the possibility of a storm. In that case, there will be more people talking about the storm and how it has probably damaged their roofs, with your social media ad activated, the word will get to those people that you are the solution to their problems. By doing that, you can boost your customer base.


However archaic this strategy might be seen by many, it is still as efficient as ever. With blogging, you get to talk extensively about what you do. There are many dimensions to this blogging thing, you have to search for keywords that are often researched by phone users as regarding your industry; tools like Google AdWords, Analytics and some others could give you an idea of how your prospective customers think. When you have gotten that figured out, you can then update your blog with contents that are optimized by those SEO keywords relevant to your field.

So, basically, when an internet user makes a Google search for roofing services with related keywords, there is a high chance of your blog popping up; when they’ve read to their satisfaction, they just might be convinced you are the right person to hire for roofing solutions.

If you think this is too stressful for you to handle on your own, you can outsource the job to the right professionals to help you with it. This is one of the top digital marketing tips for roofers you can almost never go wrong with.

(3)E-mail Marketing

email marketing
Digital marketing pros will tell you that E-mail marketing is the most effective marketing means to generate leads faster for your brand. After creating a blog and updating it with the right contents, you should have an opt-in plugin attached to your contents on your blog, that gives your reader the option to subscribe. That way, you can build a more interpersonal relationship with your customers by automatically updating them with the happenings of your blog and business in general, through e-mail marketing. Well, their are so many ways to do the email marketing, you can do it manually if you have a marketing team, but you can also use tool like Campaign Monitor which will make the process easy and fast. If you are searching for advanced email automation solution, Omnisend can be a good option. Also you have to consider few more things which will increase your email open rate and response rate. Subject line is one of the important thing of any email, but you can’t ignore the time zone of your subscriber, you must have to choose the best time to send email campaigns, So you can get the higher response.

(4)Get Reviewed By Authority Sites

Get Reviewed By Authority Sites
There are authority sites like Angie’s list that give reviews about products or services. Most customers usually visit the websites to know what is being said about your products and services; if it is good, that could influence their decision to patronize you. Knowing the handlers of these review sites and getting them to write a review about your brand could go a long way in getting you closer to prospective clients.

(5)Offer Promos And Freebies

Everyone likes the idea of winning something for themselves. You could come up with quizzes about what your roofing brand represents and give the ones that provide the right answers with the opportunity to win something; it could be a mouth-watering discount on roof installation or any other thing you feel would get your followers excited. Your social media pages is a fine place to promote your giveaways.

These giveaways could spark up conversations about your brand and get people talking; and in no time, you can have an influx of people willing to patronize you. This is really good publicity for your business if you can pull it off.
There are quite a number of digital marketing tips for roofers I couldn’t exhaust in this article. But with the few mentioned here, if religiously applied, it could give your roofing business a massive boost beyond your expectation.

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