Different Types of Air Tools for Air Compressor



As the name implies, air tools, also called pneumatic tools, are powered by air compressors. They come in a wide variety of forms based on the type of tasks they can handle. Although air tools deal with air projects, not are all meant for the same job. Rather different pneumatic machines have their specific applications like nailing, drilling, cleaning, inflating, painting, and many more. This article will discuss various air tools to use with the air compressor.


Nailers are the most common tools operated by compressed air. They are also known as nail guns. The intended use of nailers is to drive the nail into wood or any other materials. They are mainly categorized into four different types based on the size and types of nails they can handle with and gauge number. Four most common nailers are framing nailer, roofing nailer, finishing nailer, and Electric Brad Nailer.

Air sander


Pneumatic sander is a tool powered by compressed air and used to make surfaces smooth by rubbing away with sandpaper.  Air sanders are designed to finish wood and metal. Smoothing surface of wood and metal with air sander is easy and saves both time and energy. Most sanders use sandpaper or something equivalent to bring about a fine finish to the surface. Starting from 60, the grit count increases for the finer effect. Different types of air sanders are available; they are Dual Action Sander, Orbital Sander, Belt Sander, Dust Sander, Disc Sander, and many more.

Impact wrench


Impact wrenches are one of the widely used air tools. Unlike other tools, they have many regional nicknames, including impact gun, air wrench, impactor, torque gun, rattle gun, air gun, and many more. These are commonly found in the automobile industry and construction project, heavy machinery assembly. When you need to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts, air impactors are the most suitable power tools to deliver high torque output to nuts, bolts, and rusted or frozen fasteners. They are available in many sizes. Usually, the heavier the work, the bigger the size socket drive is needed.

Paint sprayer

Next, I have come up with paint sprayers, one of the important power tools operated by compressed air. This particular device is used for spraying paint faster and smoothly. Of course, finish quality with a sprayer much better than using brushes and rollers.  Panting with sprayer saves you time as well since you don’t need to spend time cleaning the brush or roller. However, paint sprayers come in five different types, airless paint sprayer, high volume low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer, low volume low pressure (LVLP) paint sprayer, gravity feed spray gun and compressed air paint sprayer. Each has its specific use. For example, while gravity feed spray gun works best for painting cars, HVLP paint sprayer is most suitable for skilled amateurs and professionals.

Pneumatic blower


The most common use of compressed air at home and industry is as the form of the air blower. This is a machine used to generate high airflow at significant pressure. The application of pneumatic blower is enormous. Among all kinds of air tools, air blowers are the most versatile. They can be used where there is need for large volume constant flow of air such as cleaning, heating and cooling, material transportation, ventilation, dust control, and many other industries. Nowadays, blowers are also used for household tasks like cleaning the floor. Based on required airflow and pressure, air blower can be categorized into basically two types: Centrifugal blower and Axial blower. In addition to this, they are found in single stage and double stage blower.

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