Different Awards For Different Occasions

Being recognized in whatever industry you are in is so vital that without it, most people, yourself included, wouldn’t be as motivated as you are now. Most recognition comes in the form of awards. These awards are usually presented to the recipients before their family, friends, colleagues, or peers as a show of respect as well as painting them as an example worth emulating.
More often than not, the receiving of an award is usually followed by an acceptance speech by the recipient who will be expected to not only accept the award, but will also take the opportunity to remind others of the importance of hard work, persistence, and belief in their ability to excel in every aspect of life. Below are specific fields that awards make perfect sense:

Educational awards


Educational awards are accolades usually awarded to students who excel in different levels of education. These awards are generally assigned to these students in front of other students and parents so that they can get the credit that they deserve while at the same time showing other students the benefits that come with being dedicated in their studies. Educational awards are meant to withstand the test of time, meaning the recipient will have the chance to enjoy them for decades to come. This is where having a geek for a kid will pay off.

Unlike other forms of awards, educational awards don’t need to be expensive. They can come in the form of a certificate, a book, or even better, beautiful glass awards that come with their names engraved in them.

Retirement awards

After spending an entire lifetime working diligently for a company or a business, it is usually a good idea to send off an employee in an appealing, most respectful manner. More often than not, a small party with colleagues, family, and friends usually does the trick. Then comes the award where the recipient is allowed to give a speech that should not only inspire but crack a few ribs. The best thing about retirement awards is that they don’t have to be very expensive. They are all about people who matter and not about show like the case with music awards.

Music awards

Music awards

Another field where awards are being given continuously to talented individuals is the music industry. With mega-successful awards such as the Grammies, BET Awards, and the Oscars, other less known music awards have been cropping all over the world. During such awards, different musicians are being awarded for their many masterpieces before the world as a whole.

Unlike most of the awards on this list, music awards are allowed to be quite expensive. The latter is usually the case because most of these awards are on a global stage and are, therefore, supposed to live up to the hype. However, there are times when a beautiful glass trophy can also do the trick.

Awards at the workplace

The workplace is the one place that requires constant motivation if the workers are to keep working hard and producing the results they are required to provide. Moreover, one way you can do so is by awarding them regularly. There is quite a bit of criterion that can be used to assign hardworking employees.

For instance, you can have an employee of the month award where you award them based on a plethora of attainments, including punctuality, effectiveness, leadership, neatness, and ethical behavior. If you give them before others, then you should expect other employees to follow suit.

Sports awards

Sports awards

Sports accolades are those meant to recognize athletes from different disciplines for their excellent work. These athletes could be basketball players, swimmers, track racers, footballers, rugby players, and golfers, to mention a few. These awards can be given either immediately after a tournament or at the end of a season where all of the sports personalities are gathered to either receive their prizes or show moral support those who have been nominated.

Awards and accolades are meant to not only recognize the work of an unusually gifted individual but also to show others that if one can do it, so can they. It is also important to note that these awards are usually presented during special occasions such as sports galas, ballrooms, school assemblies, etc. Last but not least, these awards are supposed to be of the highest quality, which will make the recipient feel very important indeed.

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