Design Tips for Using Slim Shaker Kitchen Cabinets in Interior Design


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Slim shaker kitchen cabinets are presently in fashion and are more amazing than ever. Countless numbers of homeowners are going for them for multiple reasons, including the functional values associated with the pristine cabinet varieties. 

Have you always wanted to make slim shaker cabinet designs part of the interior décor in your home but unfortunately don’t know? If the answer is yes, continue reading this review article.

We have compiled and explained everything about slim shaker-style cabinetries, including strategies for making them defining features of an interior design. 

Slim Shaker Cabinets Unraveled  

Slim shaker-style cabinetry designs are part of the iconic shaker cabinet varieties. The only thing that distinguishes them from generic shaker-style cabinets is their slimmed figure which is responsible for their clean, straightforward, and stylish demeanor. 

Typically, slim shaker kitchen cabinets come with slab doors, most of which are defined by statement-making material finishes, for example, glass, wood veneer, and wood. You can find them in all kinds of sizes, shapes or layouts, as well as colors. 

In interior design, slim cabinets with shaker design are valuable for the following reasons; 

  • Compatibility with Multiple Interior Designs

As is the case of a multitude of shaker-style cabinetries, slim-style shaker cabinets boast unquestionable compatibility with all kinds of interior designs. Therefore, whether you want to install them in a cooking space with modern or traditional visual design themes, there’s arguably nothing that should prevent you from going for them. 

  • Enhanced Practicability Values

Besides their noticeable perfect alignment with all kinds of interior designs, from traditional to modern fashion, slim shaker kitchen cabinets are presently being leveraged in interior design, thanks to their unequaled practical advantages.

 Because of their simple-looking thinned appearance, slim shaker-style cabinets are remarkably cheaper to acquire, easier to decorate or style and cost-effective, especially regarding maintenance. 

  • Immense Design Possibilities

Because all slim shaker cabinet varieties are splendidly versatile and compatible with lots of interior designs, you can expect any of them to gift you ample opportunities for trying out different interior designs if you choose them for a kitchen remodel. 

From traditional to modern-style and contemporary interior design fashion, there’s arguably no interior design option that you cannot access if you exploit slim shaker kitchen cabinets for interior design needs. 

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How to Use Slim Shaker Cabinets in Interior Design

Now that you have come across the valuable benefits of going for slim shaker cabinet designs for interior design needs, you most probably can’t wait to learn how to impatient to learn how you can use them to achieve your interior design needs. 

Don’t worry though. Your wish is our command! In this section, we seek to acquaint you with the latest tips for using slim shaker kitchen cabinets in interior design. These tips include the following; 

#1: Determine Your Preferences in Interior Design

The first tip for using slim shaker kitchen cabinets in interior design is, knowing your likes, dislikes, and tastes or choices in interior design. By knowing what you like and dislike in an interior design, you will know how to beautify slim-style shaker cabinets in terms of not only color but also accessories. 

For example, if you prefer traditional themes and hate the colorful contemporary shades, you will know the neutral colors to work with and the strikingly brighter shades and accessories to avoid when mixing colors and materials to blend with slim shaker cabinets. 

#2: Choose the Right Décor Materials

After determining your preferences in interior design as well as your choice in interior design, you need to proceed to choosing the materials to blend with slim cabinets. Depending on the materials you go for, you can mix them on various cabinet surfaces as accessories or let them come out on interior hardware, furniture etc. 

If you are more inclined to modern-style interior visual design aesthetics, then you better consider working with metallic materials, especially in terms of cabinet accessories and hardware. 

But for traditional-style interiors, on the other hand, natural materials like cut wood and living plants, as well as neutral non-statement-making colors, are the most ideal for merging with slim cabinets. 

#3: Don’t Forget Working on Enhancing Color Contrast

With their simple appearance, slim shaker kitchen cabinets can sometimes fail to project aspects of their attractiveness; especially if the interior in which they are housed is dominated by the same colors adorning their surfaces. The surest ticket away from such a scenario is working on enhancing color contrast. 

In enhancing color contrast, all you need to do is incorporate shades and material textures that contrast the outlooks of your slim-style shaker cabinets. This is an exercise that should be determined by not only the color or color combination on your shaker-style slim cabinets but also the interior which they dominate. 

#4: Keep Everything Clean and Well-Maintained

After determining your interior design and further going to the extent of achieving it by mixing slim shaker kitchen cabinets with various materials and colors, all you need to do is regular cleaning and maintenance. 

By maintaining the cabinets and the overall interior in which they are installed, you will be doing nothing less than prolonging the lifespan and attractiveness of not just the cabinets but the interior and all the other décor materials available. Luckily, maintaining an interior with slim shaker cabinets is not as difficult as it may sound. 

Will Slim Shaker Cabinets Soon Go Out of Fashion? 

While it is true that slimmed shaker-style cabinets are built to stand the test of time, we cannot be certain that they will forever be popular. Countless cabinetry designs with newer and more sophisticated features are coming out every day. But this should not mean that slim-style shaker cabinets are just a fad. Homeowners and designers in equal measure love them for genuine reasons. 

Moreover, designers are continuously burning the midnight oil trying to develop newer and versatile slim shaker cabinets. Therefore, there’s no proof that shaker cabinets with slimmed appearance will soon be rendered unfashionable. 

Final Thoughts

Using slim shaker kitchen cabinets in interior design is as easy as you can imagine, more so, if you try out our tips. There’s evidence that you stand to benefit a lot if you choose slim-style shaker cabinet varieties for your interior design needs. These drawers are not only versatile but practical, easier to access and cost-conscious as far as styling and maintaining them is concerned. 

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