Demolish Your Timber Deck in Most Convenient Way Possible

Garden is the most attractive and peaceful place for every individual. It helps them to spend some leisure time. The freshness, greenery and peace give you a refreshing experience. To make it more alluring, people choose unique designs for their garden. These designs are just to improve the aesthetics, which can give a pleasing appearance.

In case if you have maintained your timber deck, then it will prove to be one of the eye-catching features. You can likely face wear over the deck over time. So, when this wear goes above certain limits, it is likely to consider taking it down. People usually take down the deck to either replace it or try out something different for their outdoor space.

Demolishing timber deck

Demolishing timber deck

One needs to understand that demolishing the deck is not the full issue. You will also be required to consider disposing of the materials. After demolition, there will be a lot of materials that will need to be disposed of in the right manner. We have discussed here a few of the steps which will help you in the process of demolishing the timber deck.

  1. Even you will require several equipments which helps demolish the timber deck. All these equipment should be collected before initiating the process of demolishing. Some of the popular equipment which you will require for your timber deck will include a screwdriver, sledgehammer, and more. In addition to this equipment, one should also have safety equipment available with them.
  2. First, start with any of the handrails or fencing which is contained by your deck. You should remove the screws which are holding these rails in their place. This should be followed by eliminating balusters and also fencing. With screws and nuts out, one can gently workaround to have the balusters back and forth to detach them fully.
  3. Once you have done this, you should start unfastening the wooden deck boards. This can be done by starting from one end with removing the screws present. With screws removed, just lift the board. Crowbar will tend to be useful when nailing is used for the boards. It is likely possible that some of the planks are having more size. So, you can cut down the planks using a saw to more manageable slabs.
  4. With the removal of boards, one can follow the steps which can help detach the steps available in decking. Crowbar might be used when there is a need to lift the risers and stringer.
  5. Now you will only be left with frame and deck joists in your deck. They were placed in the deck for supporting the boards. You can pry these joists away by using the crowbar. It might be required to use sledgehammer under certain cases to knock each of the joist loses.
  6. Ultimately it may be required to shift the supporting deck posts. For that, there might also be a requirement to dig up the soil which is present around the posts. A shovel can be used to do so.

timber deck
Once all the materials are removed from your timber deck, you can consider disposing of them. This can be done at the local tip. Also, don’t treat wood with varnish or lacquer, as it is not a wise option. Even it should not be considered to burn the wood as it might not be environment-friendly.


Thus, we can say that one can follow certain steps to demolish their timber deck. These steps will prove to be helpful to complete these tasks more effectively. Even one can find the right ways of disposing of the waste which is obtained. It will thereby be considered as the wisest option to treat your timber deck.

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