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Finding access to your preferred Polish channels, shows, movies, and series while living abroad sometimes is nearly impossible. Either the quality suffers, or there are sound issues, or illegal streams cut off halfway through, ruining your viewing experience. But fear not! You can still satisfy everyone in the family. Say goodbye to remote control wars.

Simultaneous viewing Polish online movies, series, and channels on multiple devices will allow the whole family to enjoy their favorite programmes, even if everyone is in different rooms. These convenient options are brought to you by PolBox.TV, the internet TV abroad service.

No matter, whether you live abroad or are on holiday: Polish TV online is always with you wherever you are!

It doesn’t matter if you’re on holiday with your family or living abroad as an expat, online streaming of Polish channels and movies will give you a piece of home. No need to fight over the remote control anymore. With Polish internet television PolBox.TV, you get the Multiscreen feature. This means each family member can watch what they like on their own device. You can all watch content at the same time, as long as all devices are connected to one subscription. Connect your Smart TV, tablets, laptops, and smartphones to one account and enjoy whole Polish movies along with any sports and children”s channels simultaneously.

You do not need to manually set up Multiscreen to get into online television from all your devices at home. The feature is automatically enabled and available by default for all active PolBox.TV subscribers.

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Unlock the Multiscreen Potential: Over 7000 HD Movies in a Constantly Updating Video Library

Get the most out of Multiscreen and explore beyond just channels and live streams. Discover our extensive video library and enjoy your favorite Polish programmes, movies and series online. PolBox.TV offers a rich selection of thousands of HD films with natural Polish dubbing.

Polish online television is customizable. Watch what interests you, pause shows, and return whenever it suits you. Want to relive a moment? Pause or rewind the movie or show on the internet television to share the laughter or surprise with your loved ones. Record a show or a whole series to watch whenever and with whoever you want. With PolBox.TV, you are not tied to TV schedules. Polish TV online is available worldwide, anytime.

View your favorite channels and movies in your native language and finally end the ongoing battle for the TV remote, sign up for the Family plan available on With over 80 channels available, a regularly updated video library, and handy features like Archive, Multiscreen, VoD, and others.

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