Decorating Share: Harmonize Bedroom with 4 Nightstand Ideas

Do you struggle to make a choice after widely browsing online or in stores when deciding to buy home decors to upgrade your bedroom? Without any practical plan or constructive advice, we may have wasted a lot of time and money in mismatching decors.

When it comes to bedrooms, nightstands must be indispensable. Choosing a matching bedside table that is similar in the color, material, style and size of your bed will certainly create a touch of harmonious and aesthetics. Not only do nightstands make your space feel more put-together and polished, but they also offer much-needed shelving, storage and surface area in a super convenient location that is right next to your bed.

To help inspire some nightstand ideas for your bedroom, we have shared 4 best bedroom nightstand tips to refresh your bedroom style.

Modern Minimalist Bedroom Decor

When talking about modern minimalist decor, the first thing that comes to mind is the clean lines, uncluttered, monochromatic and simplicity with the cool tone backdrop. Modern minimalist style is a popular choice for most people due to the utility and conciseness. Embracing a clean aesthetic with a neutral beige color, this compact modern nightstand will blend perfectly with any modern minimalist bedroom style. Boasting an upper open shelf, a large lower drawer and a smooth top, this contemporary bedroom nightstand allows you to display a warm desk lamp, a beautiful potted plant, an attractive framed family photo, or a cute alarm to enhance a welcome and personalized atmosphere for the modern bedroom decor.


Whether place beside your bed or set your sofa side in the bedroom, this space-saving side table adds an understated elegance.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Style

The distinguishing feature of Mid-Century Modern Style is the uncluttered and juxtaposing sleek lines like skinny legs on dressers and tables with both organic and geometric forms coupling with a vast range of color. Style Mid-Century Modern Bedside table with a delicate carafe and single scented candle keeps your Mid-Century Modern Bedroom functional and efficient. Featuring a warm color scheme, this mid-century modern side table with 2 white drawers is a great alternative to get rid of the traditional bulkiness while adding elegant charm to either a modern or a traditional bedroom.


This compact two-drawer side table is an ideal substitute for a large cabinet to meet your storage need within your budget.

Rococo style Bedroom decor

Rococo style mainly represents the luxurious or over-the-top ornamental home decor. After a period of evolution, rococo style keeps the opulent design elements, but adopting a pastel color palette. This white nightstand with rococo style helps you to solve the problem that the big, bulky nightstand makes your bedroom feel cramped and cluttered. The legs of the white bedside table in the form of baluster perfectly present the unique characteristic of the rococo style. A drawer and a cabinet provide great storage for tools, gadgets, books and any miscellaneous items you’d like to have in reach but out of sight. This two-piece sweet side table with a peaceful white color will make your bedroom a dreamy oasis.


The white bedroom nightstand is intricately detailed to accent embellishments with curved legs and carved details to match your home decor.

Country and Rustic Bedroom Style

The white bedroom nightstand is intricately detailed to accent embellishments with curved legs and carved details to match your home decor. Country and Rustic Bedroom Style furniture has occupied an important position because of its simple shape, bright and practical style, which has long been loved by all consumers. Are you an enthusiast for artistic style? This white side table with a rustic country look woven drawer will be your favorite option as it is generally relaxed and comfortable with simple adornments. Combining fine wood with exquisite weaving craftsmanship, it adds modern and rustic factors to its whole design, ideal to conform with the Country and Rustic Bedroom.


Put on a potted flower and books, the side table will add a pure pastoral style to the home decor. A pull-out woven storage helps keep clutter under control by neatly storing all of your clothing and accessories in one convenient place.

Your nightstand might be one of the most personal pieces of furniture. Not only do you spend a third of your life sleeping next to it, most of us also use our bedroom nightstands as a home for an intimate collection of our most personal objects. No matter what the choice, stretching outside the typical nightstand choices can yield fantastic results no matter what your style. What nightstand styles have you been eyeing for your space?


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